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Tunica Stretch

Tunica Stretch

I did a search on tunica moves and I know what exercises I should do. My question is, what should I feel? I have a very thick fat pad ( bpel is 7.5,nbel is 6.25 ) When I pull up towards my chin I feel tension where my ligs are attached to my pubic bone, and something tells me I should feel the skin stretching instead.

I can’t explain it well, but you shouldn’t be feeling skin either.

When stretching BTC, you should feel the the pull at the base ie. in the ligs.

When stretching the tunica (or at least when hanging at higher angles) the feeling should be in the shaft. This is the theory at present, I have only just begin hanging SO, and it is the case for me.


To me, it feels similar to skin stretching, only it is obviously beneath the skin.

If you are getting too much skin in your grip, pull all the excess back from your glans, then take your grip. This helps ensure I can put full tension on the tunica, not just skin.

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I definately feel the differeence since I started to hang, even at 5#…

It even looks longer; have to wait to measure to confirm..

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Thank you guy’s. I guess I will have to feel it out for myself. I just worry because I swear I can feel my ligs pulling from the bone which has me a little concerned.

When i stretch below my LOT to work on my ligs…i get the same pull in the base as when i do Blasters straight upwards.

Only difference, is that the ligs stretch is more on the top of my dick, the Blasters stretch is on the bottom(ish)

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