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tunica question/observation

tunica question/observation

I’ve done a search and can’t see where anyone has asked this question or mentioned it…

After an intense squeeze jelq session, I notice the tunica (I think that’s what it is) is very hard and I can feel it if I push down on the tip of the head…feels like a pointy thing…reminds me of a “dick bone”…

wondering if any of you have noticed this…


It is a pointy thing. The two corpora cavernosum are tapered at the end to fit into the “cap” of the glans, which is a separate part of the penis (an extension of the corpus spongiosum).

See this:


So it’s the CC!?!?! Wow, didn’t know that.. am I the only one who feels them after PE? I mean I feel them hard and pointy…

No, you’re not the only one. If I reach down in the middle of a hanging set I can feel them faintly. When I first started hanging and wasn’t so good about squeezing out all the blood, they were fairly defined.

Can feel my CC all the time, and yeah, its pointy at the tip, sort of inside the glans. Have never been able to expand the CC during a session, however hard pressure I put on it :(

That’s a very good picture to get a good idea of what I’m trying to stretch. Looks like hanging would be something good to get into now.

Actually, when feeling the tip of the tunica again, its 2 pointy tips there. Guess thats logical since there is 2 Corpus Cavernosa`s.

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