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Tunica moves and how to do them


Over the shoulder stretching.

In order to relieve some of the friction in ots hanging I have strung a 10 guage wire through a section of plastic tubing and hung the tubing over my shoulder. this doesn’t get rid of all of the weight loss due to friction but it seems to help some.



Ummm, RB, do you ever turn that vacuum cleaner on? Might give you a little extra boost.


>It would be interesting to keep in touch with you, SS4Jelq and other hard gainers to see how it goes with our growing….

Aye, it would be grand would it not? Well, if you go look at the articles forum and sign up for the experiment, you will be able to do just that!

We need more people to sign up.
More lab rats, need more!

I like the idea of RB’s to hang over an object. Preferably a round one. You could probably also hang BTC and hang over your forarm.

Pulling straight out = new color for head

Oh man…

I’ve been trying some tunica exercises lately (manually stretching), and my glans has swelled up so badly that I’ve had to do warm up after the exercises to aid in the healing.

I never had many problems when pulling down or to the left/right, but pulling straight out or pulling straight up (for the tunica) does a number on the head of my cock!

It swells up within a few minutes, and parts of it become darker than the other.

And I almost forgot to mention the fact that it hurts like a bitch when I’m done stretching!

Christ…this pain I’m getting at the glans while working on the tunica better have its payoffs…

I sure hope Bib is right about me concentrating on tunica exercises…


I like this too, but I hang SO over an object (one of the jelq sticks that never used) for a double tunica attack. It has a different feel this way.


Pain is bad. Stop doing it if it hurts! It could be a grip problem, maybe your hands are slipping over the head slightly? Discolouration and swelling are signs of bad circulation but this is an odd effect from manual moves. Do you slap your dick on your leg after each pull to restore circulation?

Also, this is copied from another thread on how to set up a pulley for SO hanging:

Get a washer or one of those metal rings that keep your keys together (a keyring!) and thread it into some string, then if you tie the string around the top of your desk, with the metal ring on the underside you can use that as a pulley system for SO hanging. And you can take it all off and hide it in a drawer when you’re done with your session.



It’s definitely a grip problem. See I’m trying to pull my hardest since the tunica is a stubborn component of the penis that takes a lot of intensity to work on (or so I hear), so I’ve been gripping the top of my penis very roughly with a fist, and just pulling out.

I really do not want to get into hanging just yet because I’ve had some results with manual stretching in other directions, but this tunica crap is really starting to get bad.

After just 15 minutes of pulling my dick straight out, my head becomes so bruised that it even hurts when I put boxershorts back on just from the contact of the clothing with my glans. Yes, it really does suck.

I know pain is bad, but I don’t think that applies to pain you feel around the glans area for having too strong of a grip. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure others have mentioned this before as something you just have to get used to.

On the bright side I AM feeling a nice stretch when I pull out as hard as I can, but the problem is that my glans gets irritated after a short while.

I am just hoping that when my penis goes into repair mode (when I go to sleep) that the cells aren’t just concentrating on the bruised glans area, and are also focusing on rebuilding the tunica..

Then again, I’ve been swelling so badly with the glans and pulling straight out that I can’t even be too sure how great of a stretch my tunica is getting thanks to the painful sensations I constantly recieve up at the friggin glans..


Hey Avocet

Since no one answered your question, I thought that I would.

I highly recommend DLD’s improved blasters. I do an enhanced version where I twist my unit one full twist and then use a rod (a toilet plunger handle with a piece of soft sweatshirt material wrapped in the middle works) that I drape my penis over and push down for 12-15 seconds while doing reverse kegels. Be careful. The lig stretch is very intense. It helped me to get the last little bit out of my ligs.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


This is no good but we can figure out what is wrong.

Have you tried different grips? One way i found very effective that I still use today is to pull the skin back and grip at about midshaft. Link your fingers together, then grip (at midshaft) inbetween the thumb and index finger of your strong hand by using them like a pincer, and use the other to strengthen the grip, then slowly push forward to the head. If you do it right, the tissues will kind of bunch up slightly, and you will have a better grip on the head. This is how to do it if you use strong force in your stretches.

If this grip is like the one you use, or you still cant stop the pain and swelling, then maybe you could try AI stretches, I only use moderate force with them to good effect.

Here is a (bad) picture of the grip because I notice my explanation is, well, shit.
Before you ask, my forearms are not skinny, and yes they do actually attach to my body.

Attached Images
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Holy shit, you wasted a drawing for my pathetic ass! LOL :D

At any rate, that does look like a much better (and safer) grip than the one I use, and I definitely will try it out and get back to you.

Thanks a ton man….

revitalizing this thread for 2009.

So,what manual stretches for the ‘tunica’ are there?

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Stretching SU and SO before pumping is my main method for stretching the tunica. I also like to do tunica tugs and o-bends for aided tunica stretches.. They’re quick and effective.

Hanging OTS and SO are my methods. Things just don’t change. The newer technique would be fulcrum hanging, FOWs assisted stick stretches and PE weight stretches.

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