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Tunica, ligs, LOT

Tunica, ligs, LOT

OK, maybe I’m just a complete moron, but I’m having a hard time working out how stretching the tunica is going to raise my LOT?


Anyone got a simple explanation to help me understand the mechanism which facilitates this???

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Well, I’ll give the explaination a try….

The theory is based on the though that the pull or tension you feel is your pc muscle pulling on the tunica. The hinge point for the tunica is lower than the hinge point for the ligament. So at any point on the “clock scale”, if the tunica is shorter than the ligament, you will see the tension or pull-back. Since the tunica hinge point is lower than the ligament hinge point, the farther down you go on the clock scale, the length of the tunica begins to equal to the length of the ligament, until the tunica is shorter than the ligament. If you lengthen the tunica, then the point at which the tunica distance to hinge becomes shorter than the ligament distance to hinge will be higher on the scale.

Do this… put your arms straight out in front of you, and clasp your hands together palm to palm. You will notice that there is some distance between the “hinge points” of your arms, namely your left shoulder and right shoulder. Let’s say that your left arm represents your tunica, while your right arm represents your ligament. Now imagine that as you move your hands toward your right side, that represents getting and errection, or moving your dick up towards your belly, while moving your hands to the left represents loosing and errection, or moving your dick towards the floor.

Without rotating your shoulders, move your hands to the right. You will notice that while your left arm can be straightened, your right arm cannot be without unclasping your hands. Therefore, the limiting factor of how far your hands can be away from you is your left arm (tunica). If you move your hands to the right, the limiting factor becomes your right arm (ligament). If you lengthened your left arm, you could move your hands further to the right before your right arm bends. So in effect, lengthening your left arm (tunica) raises your LOT (loss of tension on the tunica) a few “hours” on the clock scale. If you reverse that, and lengthen your right arm, then the opposite happens, and your LOT moves a few hours down on the clock scale. You exact point of LOT (loss of tension) is actually a point of equality, where the length of tunica and ligament from the body become equal. As long as the ligament is longer, you have tension. If the tunica is longer, you loose tension earlier.

I wish I had a graphics program here at work so I could draw you an illustration, but maybe that explaination will help, although I wouldn’t call it a “simple” explaination.

- MJ

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Imagine our cock sticking straight out from a wall. A cord attaches to the middle of it, and the other end to the wall, above your dick.

As you stretch your dick, the cord length stays the same. Since the dick is longer, tension placed on the cord causes your shaft to rise up. You can then stretch the cord some to bring things back to where they were, potentially over and over and over…

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Ah ha!


I’ve got that.

However, doesn’t this mean that the ligament has to move down the shaft closer to the body? How come the ligament doesnt start to move further down the penis (towards the tip)?

A bit like the old “hair creep” problem?Why does there not seem to be a ligament creep?

See Ya,


The attachement point does move relatively as the tunica stretches and grows. If the ligs don’t stretch, the shaft angle is forced upwards as the ligs are a fixed length. You can then lengthen ligs again to get things back to where they were and start over…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Ok, now...

Does this mean, then, that if a person has a relatively low erection angle, and does lots of tunica work that their erection angle will rise?

This theory seems to be saying that to me. Or am I confused again?

See Ya,



There are lots of factors that will also play a part in EA, such as tunica shape and the actual weight of the penis (the bigger it is the heavier it is). Bib said there was no real correlation between EA and LOT, but there is a clear difference in the lab rats. I dont think anyone has noticed a rise in EA from tunica stretching so far, but if someone has speak now or forever hold your penis.


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