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Try this stretch


Originally Posted by memento
… >Step 2. Stretch the penis in both directions, away from the body with the one hand on the glans and the other toward the body, where the other hand is at the base.<

I don’t see who you can stretch toward the body if you are already at the base. I assume she means hold a bit up the shaft and pull back. That sounds pretty useless to me, I don’t see how you can get a decent grip near the base that won’t just result in skin stretching.

Is skin stretching the point maybe? I’ve certainly done something similar to stretch the skin.

I think what is being suggested is that you clamp the ‘non-pulling’ hand against your body so that when you pull with the other hand, you’re not simply hauling everything outwards… i.e preventing, or tending to prevent, tree-trunking. It would also help to protect the abdominal wall from herniation, at the ‘expense’ of not pulling quite so hard on the suspensory ligs.

That’s what I interpreted it as anyway. :confused:

Cheers, K.

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I can understand where your point of view is. When I do this stretch, I sit down with my back leaning against something( my back is not completely flush, it is usually at a slight angle to allow my hips to come forward). The hand at the base end is about an inch or so away from my pubic bone to allow enough room for the stretch toward the body. I really feel the stretch throughout the shaft but mostly concentrated in the mid-shaft area.I believe this stretches the internal penis, but yes you are right you will also get some skin stretch also. But I guess one would have to experiment a little with their grip to see how it would work for them.




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