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Try this.


80% of your dick is inside your body. What you feel when you do the exercises you just described is not really the pc muscle. It’s the extension of your dick, running behind your balls down to your anus. Check it out next time you get an erection, you’ll be able to feel it.

The V-Stretch Ex. targets specifically the ligs and it helped me and other vets tremendously. Great exercise, in my opinion.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Okay. Point made. It’s apparently it’s not stretching skin. It’s pulling at the inner penis. Whether stretching the inner penis is worth anything or not, I’m not sure. It feels like it is being stretched, or lengthened, when I do the mile high stretch. Walter, at least, reports some benefits. As I said, I believe the grip he descibes can also be used in some directions to stretch ligaments. Specifically, using the grip when pulling straight down really seems to tug at the ligs.

I think the V stretch is a great exercise too. In particular, Still’s mega V has probably given me more gains than any other single stretch.


right on. Doctors, who do Penis Enlargement surgically cut the ligs. After that procedure you gotta hang weights for about a year to pull out the inner penis. Does that makes sense?

That’s why the V-Stretch is so good. It really isolates and targts the ligs.

But I got your point, too. ;)

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Uncut4Big / Mike

It makes sense to me because when I hang weights I usually stand up and I find myself stooping over to give the skin more slack so that I can focus the stretch on the actual unit. I find that if I stood up straight that I would get burning sensation from the skin from stretching it so much, because of using 14.5 lbs of weight.

There you have it.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Wow, cool. I thought this thread was dead. I am actually going to try the variation of this with the knees in your chest, as you described ikpmsgn. I suppose my dick got used to this stretch. When I first started doing it, I could feel it almost tearing the inner penis out of my body. It was f—-ing painful. The most painful stretch I’ve ever done. Now, I can do this stretch all day without feeling anything. So, I suppose it is ineffective. I will try variations though. Maybe my LOT has changed and I need to find a new way to do it.

By the way, I don’t have any significant gains to report after a month of using this stretch on and off, but this post has rekindled my interest in it. I’ll keep at it.

Holy Crap-

I just tried the original stretch as described by Walter (thinking to myself “what the hell is he talking about?!”) - WOW! Was already a little sore from my hanging regimen, but this felt like I coulda yanked my dong out of my body by the root if not careful.

If you try this one and it’s your first time, bend over *slowly*…

Now on to the variations…

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! A new exercise for the arsenal.

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This is wicked f—-ing cool! I thought that no one else was reading this thread. As far as I know, this is the only exercise that targets the inner penis. This is important I believe. Thunder, would it be possible to rename this thread to grab people’s attention more so others will try it? I am going to do this everyday to see if I get results as opposed to taking multiple days off in between.

Oh, by the way, I’d like it if it weren’t called the mile high stretch anymore. I hate it when people give special names to the way they pull their dick.

How about “Try this?” I can’t promise anyone will gain from it, because I haven’t noticed any big gains from it. However, as you know, I only used to exercise 2 or 3 days a week. Now, I am greedy.

I do have to say though. After doing this stretch for a few weeks, I feel no pain when I do it. My lot is currently about 90 degrees. However, when I bunch up all the skin toward the head and do this same stretch outward and to the side, JESUS CHRIST does it burn. While I do it, I stand with legs apart, I twist my body to the side and lunge out. I can go into more detail about this one if anyone is interested. It burned today and yesterday too. You have to spread your legs far apart for this variation. It feels like this targets the base of the ligs, as opposed to the inner penis.

I like what ike called it, the “Mile High” stretch. :up:


if you keep that pace up you will have THE dick on this site. But I don’t agree with your procedures at all,…hell…it’s your dick.

Thunder, give him an approbriate avatar, once he’s done.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Where is it stretching ?

After stretching, I poke above my penis and it feels a little sore, but when I pinch that same skin where I have been poking, there is no pain. I assume that means it is the ligs that are sore. This would mean they are stretching rather than the skin so much.

Do others agree with this ?

Hi Everybody,

I am back after a long break—almost three years. I have been doing some light jelqing—about 10 mins a day 5 days a week—and the stretch described in this thread. I am bumping this particular thread because I found that after doing this stretch my flaccid hang is much lower and no other stretch feels like this one. If you do this stretch for 10 or 12 seconds your dick will be sore as hell at the base, but later in the day if you try it again you won’t feel the same “burn.” I discovered that if I give myself an evening off, the next day I feel the burn. I don’t encourage anyone else to do this stretch because it hurts so much and it may cause an injury. I will try it for a month and see what my results are like.


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