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Trouble with A- and V-stretches

Trouble with A- and V-stretches

Is anyone else having a very hard time with A- and V-stretches? I’ve recently started using them, after reading about DLD Blasters, but find that I just can’t get enough stretch out of them. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a super-long unit, so it’s hard to get a firm grip.

I grip just below the head with one hand, and either press down or pull up in the middle or near the base with one or two fingers of the other hand, but have only enough room for those one or two fingers. (My actual unit is longer than that, of course, but my point is there isn’t very much room to work with such that I can get my penis to “fold” really well by pressing down or pulling up from behind). I can’t seem to get very much leverage out of it, and when I’m concentrating on pulling with the fulcrum hand, I involuntarily stop pulling as hard with the other hand.

Also, when I do them, I tend to get slightly erect, which makes it impossible. Doesn’t matter if I’ve just had sex multiple times, whacked the living daylights out of my unit, or am thinking about some grandmother’s boobs—it still becomes slightly turgid.

I end up pulling a lot of skin, and that’s about it. Therefore, DLD blasters are not working so well for me. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks.

I never got anything from blasters but I never have been big into manual stretching I do some a and v stretchers before I jelq/squeeze/clamp but I just to them as a warm up. If you want to stretch your ligs you should try hanging it’s the best for length gains.

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I’ve thought about hanging, but am worried about the time necessary, as I have very little time.
Also, I’m in university and live in student housing, and don’t have access to a drill. I want to construct an AFB hanger, but don’t have the necessary tools. An alternative would be to use the swimcap method, but intuitively, that doesn’t seem like it would work as well. So for now, I think I’m going to have to stick with stretching until it’s clear that I’m getting nothing out of it, or until I’m able to figure out how to construct a safe and effective hanger with my existing tools.

Also, has anyone tried doing DLD blasters using ordinary one-handed stretches rather than dual-fulcrum?

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Try an aided inverted v-stretch, if length is an issue.

If you get slightly erect try pulling in the rough direction of the erection until it subsides and then go into the V.

Blasters seem to be good for people who know where their BC muscle is but not how to control it properly but they will never have an advantage for anyone working ligs as opposed to tunica.

Personally I never got anything out of them either and I was a big manual stretcher. If they don’t work for you, find what does, whether it’s a modification or an entirely new routine.

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