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Trouble Quitting Smoking


IMo there are two things in life that influence people. One is pain the other being Pleasure. As long as you associate smoking with pleasure you will never Quit. Try the other way. It will help you.

BTW i used to smoke. I quit a while ago. I started smoking a few days ago to see if smoking had anything to do with premature ejaculations. I have a post in the Mens health section and Id like people to help me out there with it.


Walk slowly but never backwards.

This site helped me quite and it’s free.

See what happens when I use spell check. Damn you spell check


Originally Posted by johnjk
I think it is funny you are deciding to start on Saturday. Avoiding starting right away seems to indicate a lack of resolve on starting. If the behavior you were wanting to change was to quit throwing $100 bills out the window of your car you might start immediately.

Sometimes setting a date for quiting - well I have heard, helps.
Haha, if the behaviour I wanted to change was throwing hundreds out the window, it wouldn’t be the weed and ciggies I’m trying to give up, it would be the fucking Rock and Ice.
Well hopefully not.

Anyway, PE would not be the reason for me giving up. It would be added incentive.

Originally Posted by godofdeviltry
IMo there are two things in life that influence people. One is pain the other being Pleasure. As long as you associate smoking with pleasure you will never Quit. Try the other way. It will help you.


This is a great point Devilgod. How many people think about lung cancer whilst smoking and relaxing in the shade, or whatever? Probably not many. The mind is such a strong tool. Devil god’s onto a winner here. Next few times you go to smoke, think of old people coughing, enthasima, death, mechanical lungs etc, etc. Apart from depressing the fuck out of yourself, it might work.

I think the more constant self hate and “downess” a smoker has of themselves for smoking in the first place is ultimately what will break the chain.

I work a very high stress job taking calls from people who are angry. They’re angry because they can’t access the internet. Doesn’t matter if their computer is borked or if it’s the AOL software or whatever it is. They’re mad they’ve been transfered 2, 3, or 4 times, waited on hold 40 minutes, and I have to have their internet up and running in 10 minutes. Doesn’t matter if they barely understand English, are hard of hearing, computer illiterate, or just plain stupid. My supervisor won’t take directly transfered calls and I’m only authorized to send a technician out in the event that there is something physically wrong with their installation. That could be a week, but usually it’s TWO weeks. And even then we have to hope that the technician we send does what we tell him or her to do or even show-up.

You tell the Ebay Grand Duchess of the Universe that she’ll be down for 2 weeks and see what she says to you.

If I quit smoking while facing this kind of pressure I WILL go postal on the very first customer who tries to ream my ass with every insult you can think of.

My job sucks major hairy monkey wang however it pays my bills and I need it.

We don’t get holidays off unless they happen to fall on a day you already have off. Because I’ve lasted 5 years in this job, which makes me the tech with the longest tenure (finally), I get to have Thanksgiving off.

I have, therefore, decided to move my quit date to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This way I will have 5 days off in a row to work through the withdrawal. The sad fact of the matter is I can’t afford to yell and damn strangers over the phone but I can afford to do it to my family. That’s fucked-up but it’s true.

So. There it is.

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It’s all about you. An what you want. Not your body telling you what to do. It’s a mind thing. BUT you can not quit. If you have any though what so ever of how difficult it’s going to be. You can not lay the ground work for away out. Before you even start It’s bullshit
Make up your mind when you have reached that point when your done an ready to quit. Tell your self that’s it I’m done it’s over I quit an I really don’t give a fuck on how bad this shits hurts I will not allow myself to act like some spoiled out of control jack ass no matter what.. I’m done an that’s it.
This works with every aspect of your life. Wanting something or Quitting something Make it happen Would of, could of an should of are all past tents words that lead to failure

This bullshit is like asking a pretty women to dance if you don’t take control an step up to the plate an just do it then Don’t lie to your self an sit back an make your self feel good because you didn’t have the stones to do it. It’s easy-er to find reason’s not to do something than it is to just suck it up an just do it I would rather fail an learn were I went wrong Than bull shit myself in to not tyring at all
Who knows that pretty woman might say sure then one thing leads to another then for you know it she’s face face with that big new dick you’ve been working on so hard an dieing to show off.
Remember you are your worst enemy


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