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tried something new...(advanced move)

tried something new...(advanced move)

Not sure if anyone has mentioned trying this…

do your normal jelqs and get to about 50-70% erection…make a tight OK around the base, push down into the body as much as you can while maintaining an expanding pump on your dick (you might have to re-adjust your OK grip to do this, but make sure it is a very tight grip), slowly rotate your hand in a circular motion and make the circle motion as big as you can (think around and around, clockwise with one hand, counterclockwise with the other)…even try an up and down motion, pulling as far up and down as you can, with the grip not slipping…really put the tention on the ligs, if done right, you can feel all the tention on the ligs and they feel like they are “loosening up” so to speak…then finish with a very slow jelq while your at about 80% full erection by now….

I’m not sure if this explanation helps, but try it and see if you feel what I feel in the ligs right the base…

BTW, I got a serious pump after 15 minutes of this, and the ligs feel really worked…


Has anyone tried this? I really felt something with this…curious if long term gains are possible…

Sounds worth a try.

Wad, it’s a hard move to perfect, but I swear I think it has serious potential…it put direct stress on the ligs right at the base…it’s like a Uli with the benefit of lig stretch….I got sore from 15 minutes of them, and I haven’t been sore in a long time…

Another move that got me some soreness is erect twists. I read about them here (from GermanStallion, I believe - sorry, if I goofed on the credit). But you certainly feel them at the base. When you’re fully erect, the twists put torsional stresses on the ligs, especially around the sides, at the base.

Only problem is, I always felt a bit of concern/fear while doing them. You have to be extremely careful - never use ballistic, jerking type movements or try to twist too far. Definitely not a newbie exercise.

Yep. Any exercise dealing with a full erection should be done with extreme care…a Uli/jelq and squeeze jelq are the only two things I’ll do with complete boner…do you think the twists put any unusual pressure on the corpora cavernosa or corpus spongiosum?

I’m always concerned I’m going to just flat out pull my dick off I pull so hard some times…

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