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Treating horse 440 reps like pump reps

Treating horse 440 reps like pump reps

Have only been doing this exercise for about 1.5 months, but have gotten good results (1/4 in. girth - 4 weeks) so far. Wondering if anyone else has tried these? Is it to Risky?

I do a couple variations on horse 440’s.. One is where I will kegel a good 3-4 times during the movement and then hold the squeeze for as long as is comfortable.. Usually about 30 seconds or until my erection starts to decrease. During this ‘rep’, I sometimes will also SLIGHTLY pump the grip at the glans (and even the base sometimes alternately, pre-ceeded by a kegel) to further expand the tissue. I work them in during my jelq/pump routine. I do these VERY carefully. When I am done my cock is fully ballooned and heavy and my PC fatigued.

I liken these horse variations to pumping, where the benefit there is trapping blood and stretching tissue for an extended period of time.

Physiologically, is there any benefit to treating a jelqing movement like a pump movement? Does it affect and/or benefit the tissues the same way?


I was assuming someone else would pick this one up.

When I do horses I kegel and hold prior to applying the tourniquet and hold during the whole 30 secs or so if I’m not feeling too lazy. This doesn’t seem dissimilar to what you are doing. I don’t pump the grip because its so tight and I mostly attach through the scrotum to get as far back as possible. The response you describe seems pretty standard.

Don’t see a second variation.

When you are talking about the jelq/pump thing you mean the kind of difference between a uli and a jelq.

I think if you try to jelq with too low an erection and too firm a grip you will cause more pressure build up in the head but not just ahead of the stroke necessarily. I would think that is likely to result in greater girth growth toward the glans. Its a uli, isn’t it.

In terms of pumping during a horse, tbh I’m not sure how much benefit you would see from this. The trouble is horses seem to allow injury to occur without a precursor of pain.

Your gains don’t seem out of place for a horse routine.

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