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Traction wrap/weird pain

Traction wrap/weird pain

Sometimes after wearing a traction wrap for a while, I’ll go to pee or adjust or something, and all of a sudden I have sharp shooting pain in what feels like the shaft, and when I go to touch or massage the head it is extremely sensetive and feels like it’s on fire or something.

What is this?

I’m pretty sure I’m not wrapping too tight.. the head doesn’t inflame with blood. It’s more of a barrier created by the foreskin that keeps my penis extended in the wrap.

It feels like a circulation problem of some kind, because whenever I get it I instinctively “kegel the pain away” by doing BC flexes forward and reverse in rapid succession. This weird pain goes away after about a minute of doing that.

Please don’t tell me I’m wrapping too tight.. any looser it’ll fall off.. or that I need to stop using the traction wrap. It is by far my favorite PE device.. as it makes my bulge look stunning. The jury is out on if it’s actually producing gains yet. (When combined with hanging, wantsmores, and DLDs ranked in ascending order by convenience) Will be measuring the 1st.. we’ll see.

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Good question, I also wonder that. But for me it´s more like burning. and disaper when I remove the wrap.

Sometimes I can feel that pain to, you describe, but not with the wrap on.


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