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Traction Wrap as ADS

Traction Wrap as ADS

I tend to use ace bandage as a traction wrap after my hanging and jelqing routine to prevent the turtling effect. Since the ace bandage is made of a very stretchable material, I was wondering is it safe to wear it as an all day ADS?


As long as you make sure your glans etc doesn’t go purple or cold, you should do OK. Search for “wrapping for passive PE

regards, mgus

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I do it all the time. Just make sure you can still piss smoothly. I made the mistake of wrapping it a little too tight. Well, I thought I was all done,and just when I was about to put my dick back in my pants I squeezed more out. Thank God I missed because I was at work when this happened. Traction wrapping keeps me hanging a little longer and I have also notice that my girth feels and looks bigger while flaccid. I haven’t measured because it’s always different. I think in the long run it will create permanent flaccid gains.

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