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Toward a Workable Maintenance Schedule

Toward a Workable Maintenance Schedule

I don’t expect to get a whole lot of answers in this thread because the pattern here at Thunders seems to be for guys who reach their goal sizes NOT to quit PE; rather they then modify their goals upward and keep going. However, having got to place in erect size I really like I’m only interested in maintaining that.

It’s been difficult for me to find an absolutely dependable maintenance program. I realize we all have different tissue compositions and body chemistries and what may work for one of you might not for me. And, there have been enough members who report back after a significant time that they have done no PE since X date and have lost none of their gains for me to believe that there are men for whom PE does give permanent gains. Mine seem to be permanent, up to a point.

I have a variable, elastic, and “pure vanity” half inch of length that comes and goes. If I do no PE at all for a month or six weeks, I lose that half inch and no more. (Girth not effected.) If I go back on what used to be my regular program for a couple weeks, I get it back easily. If I then do a maintenance routine of something like PE six times a month, I keep it and it seems “cemented.” Anything less and it goes again.

The question to you here who do maintenance (the one or two of you, probably) :) is how frequently do you have to do a maintenance routine to keep your gains? I’d be interested in knowing, too, if like me you can very quickly get back whatever you lost - if you do lose with no continued PE - and far faster than it took to gain it in the first place.

Maybe in talking about this we can come up with a few general frequency guidelines for maintenance programs that do seem to work..



I’m currently spiralling down in my maintenance program. I PE just like I use to, but with less intensity. Soon I’ll get to a point in my workout that I feel is a good workout for maintenance and I’ll keep it. I do it 6 days a week, and every couple of weeks, I’ll drop a day and spread out the difference. In another couple of weeks, I’ll drop another day and so on. My hopes are that by slowly decreasing the amount of PE I do, it will maintain my gains. Eventually I want to only have to do PE once a month.

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