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TOP 10 Best Gainers


TOP 10 Best Gainers

I don´t now if somebody already did it.

But I think it would be good (for everyone trying to gain) to do a Top 10 of the best gainers so far in this Penis Enlargement Forum.
Of course giving details about their routines, techniques or any other helpful data.

NO COMPETITION intended, just 10 great examples of the real possibilities of Penis Enlargement.

Just a thought.


Very good idea mc….I, as a newbie..(on my 3rd week) would also like to see what maybe works best or mix my workout.. your repies would be very much appreiciated!! THX..

I have only been at it for about 2 months but as far as a stretching ex goes i would say the fowfer is great for stretching and other than that the only other ex i use is the jelq.will add more with experiance.


That’s a good idea, but it requires somebody gathering everybody’s gains posted on Size’s data and posting it, not to mention people who haven’t like myself. Ok I’ll post mine tomorrow.

I know everybody is different and reacts in different ways to the same stimulation (not only in PE but also in almost every aspect of life)… PE IS NO SCIENCE, NOT YET…

But scientific facts apply to it, there is no way around it. It is not by mysterious magic or something that a penis can actually grow beyond it´s “natural limits”.

I think I´m going to succeed in this quest, but I had to read all over the net for two years or so to come up with enough knowledge about it. So I don´t want this Top 10 for myself. I want it to be easier for everybody else who is new to this.

Gathering information is a key aspect to achieve this. Like in science, it´s a lot of “trial”(Sp) and error; but you don´t have to go through the process of finding an already existing vaccine, you go and buy it.

Well, that´s all I can say now. I don´t know if I got a point here.


I would be all for something like this. However, some of the so-called “top gainers” use dangerous, time consuming, and otherwise ineffective routines and report gains in spite of this fact. It would be great to have such a list for general information, but we have to keep in mind that there routines are not meant for everyone and that the gains reported may be inaccurate.

Also, how do you determine whether one gain is better than any other? Are you going to be looking at who gained the most in the least amount of time, who gained doing the least work, who has gained consistently, or who has gone the longest without injury? Also, what kind of gain? Will you be looking at girth, bpe, head growth, or nbpe?

My objection to this is that it would encourage a competition and many would end up injuring themselves trying to “Keep up with the Jones’s.” Also, it would promote routines that are potentially harmful just because they produced gains for less than .05% of this group.

I’m taking for granted that there is mostly serious people in this forum.

I’ve chosen to believe that the ones that say they gained are telling the truth. (“walter”: you seem to think that people here is telling lies or doing stupid things to their dicks). I don’t. Unless you’re referring to people I haven’t read about. I talk about people like Bib, for example. That does not mean that if Bib says “Just attach 100 pounds to your dick 24 hours a day”… I’ll do it, I can think for myself that it could be really bad.


I posted my gains to tell people “I tried this exercise and it worked for me”, not to “show-off ” my dick or anything. It also was the moment when I really started to believe in this.

I know that UNALTERED pictures would be better to believe other people’s progress. I´m working on my pictures but I still cannot find the beginning picture I took when I started PE. I want three pictures that show THREE different measures.

I’d like to believe that people around here don’t give a shit about any stupid competition. At least I couldn’t care less if the guy next to me is bigger, longer, thicker, or whatever. But if he did something to achieve that I want to know what he did, and that is what this forum is all about, I think.

You talk about “dangerous, time consuming exercises”, I think most PE exercises are POTENTIALLY dangerous IF DONE WRONG, and they all take time and dedication.

If anyone knows how to change the name of this thread, just tell me. Top 10 Best Gainers DOES SOUND like a competition.

A comparative list of successful PE experiments would take a lot of effort, I know. As soon as I have time I’ll do the job and we’ll see what the result is.


I’ll think of a better name soon.



I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree with it. There are thousands of posts written by hundreds of different individuals. I think it is a little too idealistic to believe that all these posts are to be accepted as unadultered truth. There are liars everywhere, it is not unrealistic that to believe there are some here on this list. People make mistakes, it is conceivable some have made mistakes when reporting gains.

Next, I do believe that there still are many people on this list doing potentially harmful things to themselves. Can I convince them of this fact? No. These people will only learn this after they injure themselves. I also believe that many are working too hard for no good reason at all, other than the fact that a handful of people gained using such routines.

As an aside, I gained 1/8” using a one on-one off this month so far. I will report my total gains, as well as the implications they have, at the end of the month.

Why would a group of people waste hours per day for multiple years on a message board lying about how much he grew his penis? That is just absurd.

Walter, you’ve done it again :D

I don’t think anyone who spend regular time here is going to be lying about what they are gaining but people drift in and out. Maybe short termers are more likely to.

Measurement is a weird thing though. My measurements are a bit screwed up the first 2 months. If everyone were the same and some people stay for less than two months it seems conceivable that there will be some inaccuracies.

To be on topic for a second, I’m not sure how knowing the top ten best gainers would help other than to dissuade some people who are not in the top ten. In terms of inches per month, there is likely to be a large proportion of new guys (those people who get an initial growth spurt). In terms of total inches growth its, likely to be people who’ve been around for a few years.

Though it seems good to know what, for example, Bib gained - so that you can believe when new to PE. What other purpose does it serve?

Averages seem a lot more useful, and there already two threads on that taking the info from Size’s extremely useful database.
There’s one from Interesting2001, and another from hobby


I said this:
“MOSTLY SERIOUS PEOPLE”, not everyone.

I can assure you I am one big cynical person. There´s a duality in me also, and I´m idealistic too, but I don´t expect ideal things to really happen.
I don’t blindly believe in anything, not religions, ideologies, and so on.

I didn’t believe this whole Penis Enlargement thing, and this same thing happened to every single one of us (in my opinion). I thought “They want my money by playing with this penis-size obsession most men have”

Until I found certain details like one guy that was selling his BibHanger, but at the same time he gave you instructions on how to make your own if you didn´t want to give him your money. Details like that made me think twice. Bib is just one example I can clearly remember.

But the definitive moment was when I found out that my penis was around an inch longer (and I´m 24 years old so I didn´t consider it “natural growth”).



I read those two good threads you talk about. But that is not what I mean with this yet-unnamed-thing.

I´m not even considering people who stay for two months and quit, nor people who do it randomly, nor people who practice jelquing just to masturbate.

I want to choose successful examples of people who took the time and dedication that a considerable gain requires.
I want new people to be able to skip as much of the researching process as it is possible.
It could take you years to come up with the right routine when you could be using those years actually gaining by doing something that actually works.

I really do not agree with you in this particular line:

>I’m not sure how knowing the top ten best gainers would help >other than to dissuade some people who are not in the top

What is the logic behind that?

Me, for example:
I want to become a filmmaker.
In the film-making world there are people like Spielberg, but they do not dissuade me. People like me learn from them, just like he learned from directors like Hitchcock. I think it´s a healthy circle that never ends.

NOTE: English is a second language to me,
so I take the word “dissuade” as “to advise somebody
against doing something” or
“to persuade not to do”.
If you didn´t mean that, I’m sorry.


As a matter of fact, I still don’t know what I´m trying to achieve with this.

I think this thread will be useless until I finally come up with something. But I still think it could be very useful for new people when it´s done. I’m not going to discover any new thing.

This is still a mere idea.

As a Moderator, I have to be careful about my opinions. Like anyone else, there are posts that appear here that bug me. I have to agree with Walter that there is probably some degree of BS that goes on here and that everyone varies in their measuring protocols. I know that my own measurements can vary up to 1/2” based upon the quality of my erections. At age 48, most are good, but some are not as good.

I do have to say that I think that most of us are truthful. My gains are real and I don’t get any jollies by trying to falsely impress people whom I have never met face to face. Many people may think that I am bullshitting about my 2+ inch gains. So, as a moderator, I decided to do something that I wouldn’t normally do. I am going to post a picture. It is one I took about a month and a half ago when I borrowed my daughter’s digital camera. I had a tough time trying to hold a ruler to it and take the picture, so finally I just took the picture.

I have a knarley unit that was poorly circumcised and has a scar on it from having a growth removed. However, I can say with pride that it is pretty big. Especially since I started at 5.5 EL (I wish I had taken a starting pic but I didn’t). I am doing this so Walter and others who may be skeptical can see that PE works and large gains actually happen. I will post the pic in the Member’s pics forum later.

Whatever your method or frequency, you can make it bigger. Period! I put a lot of time into PE and would have stopped long ago if I hadn’t gained. It doesn’t matter if I’m a top ten gainer. I’m 2 inches longer and and inch and a half thicker. That’s the proof that I had hoped for.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Originally posted by jelktoid
So, as a moderator, I decided to do something that I wouldn't normally do. I am going to post a picture.

Cool….A Jelktoid picture!

as far as people believing or not believing - I went through a very difficult time when I first joined these forums. People flat out did not believe my gains. It was only after posting lots of pictures…before and after….current…..flacid….erect and so on that people started to believe. Even after proving my gains there were still some that said I was born naturally this size…AGGG I say…well my last set of pictures I was at 9.25” I am going to shoot new ones soon, once I reach my goal of a US paper towel roll :) Then I will post those…this will make it my second set of before and afters….But still my friend you will have many that still doubt. One of the most important parts of being successful in PE is believing, if you do not believe - YOU WILL NOT GAIN. If you are doubting others you are more than likely doubting yourself. It is so important to put jealousy & hate aside and start to use that energy to make the changes you want. Instead of letting jealous feelings manifest hate towards the successful gainers become humble and ask for help.

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