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TOP 10 Best Gainers


Anyone who gains 80% length and 60% girth should be way up on the list. I agree with jelqist, Y-guy #1.

You can’t count out Bib though.

My $.04

Instead of naming and studying the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s of PE, shouldn’t we be looking closest at the techniques that have most benefitted the hard gainers?

So and so did w jelqs and x squeezes for y minutes a day. Someone else did this or that for z time. So? Many others have done the same techniques and routines with less or no results.

I’m more interested in what the “slow gainers” have done to progress. I think their ultimately successful techniques provide more useful info to the average guy. Arnold could practically look at weights and grow muscle. You and I can’t. Same with PE.


how bout you start a slow gainers thread then.

And hobby,

there aren’t any steroids for the penis.

I dunno about that - i;m sure something like test would help promote lig repair / scar tissue


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