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too much heat?

too much heat?

Is iot possible to spend too much time stretching or warming up? Like would a half hour of preheating and like a half hour of wrap up at the end work well? People that grew so much or fast too, did you use a lot of heat tempeture wise or time wise?

newb answer

Good question.

Im a newb so all I can give is my opinion. So here it is.

If it were possible to keep an erection or if you hot wrapped for several hours, my guess would be that it can only do more good. More blood flow promotes faster healing and I cant think of any adverse effects from doing this. It is not rigorous activity on your member so it probably wont break you down much at all.

Stretching , on the other hand, can wear you out after awhile and will probably do more harm than good if you do it for several hours as a newb. Same with any other of the PE that cause stress on your penis.

Feedback plz

I reckon you should warm up till you feel ready… thats it… sometimes I don’t warm up at all or very little and I still get gains, not saying its the best way but it’s not an absolute necessity in my case.

One thing I’ve wanted to say for a bit about warming up is this; Dont use water etc thats TOO hot!! You may be able to stand it but hotter is not always better!! This is the way you cook the beef strips in a noodle soup… dump the raw strips in the boiling hot soup jsut as it’s being served… browns up nice and quick, you don’t want that happening to your own personal noodle!! YEAOW!!!

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