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Too Much Girth


Too Much Girth

My current Girth is 6 inch’s, do you guys think 7 inch’s is going to far?

This guy is my penis hero his length seems to be 7 1/2 inch’s but his girth looks over 7.

I’m 7 1/2 my self and as far as I’m cornered girth is more important anyways.

Edit: Link goes to ad page for porn site. Deleted.

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HW, that link led to a page that just said something about “to see this picture go to this site” so it was a bit of bait and switch.

You didn’t have to post this to the Newbie forum. You’re a senior citizen.

If you can find a pic of this guy you’re talking about that is allowed under forum guidelines (no insertion, no fluids, no website logo, etc.) go ahead. One of us will then have to move the thread to a members-only forum so kiddies don’t see the penis.

And yes, 7 inches in girth is probably too far. I mean, it’d be fun to hear women say “holy shit, you are not sticking that log up my ass,” but then you’d miss out on some great butt sex, and also blow jobs lasting more than the few minutes it will take for her jaw to cramp up. Six inches girth is great, especially since you’re already there. Try for more if you like, but you don’t really need it for pussy pleasin’.

Same boat, Huge, aiming for 7 or more. xD

7 is a bit overdoing it. 6 inches in girth is alot of girth already. Look for 6.5 as a max.

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Seems to me that whether or not the girth you have or want is too much of a good thing depends mostly upon the size of the hole(s) you have available to stick that thing into. As a carpenter, I appreciate my tools for their usefulness.

My girth is 5.8 and it put a strain on our (Wife and I) sex life, as far as what she could take vaginally and blow jobs for me. Jaws do get tired and then you feel teeth. I think 5.5 is the ideal girth size

6 is sick, 6.5 is perfect lol,

Hear, hear! To much girth!

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


Originally Posted by calfaddict

Seems to me that whether or not the girth you have or want is too much of a good thing depends mostly upon the size of the hole(s) you have available to stick that thing into. As a carpenter, I appreciate my tools for their usefulness.


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I’ve realized that 5.5” girth has tended to leave my partners a bit sore and worn out - though very satisfied - and so wanting at least a day off after sex. I can’t imagine wanting much more than that, in conjunction with a normal sex life.


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6.5 is good if you have a small head, lol

Still aiming for 7 or more. :)

You are going to get a lot of teeth action and many groans of displeasure and squeals of pain :) If you like that shit :p

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It’s hard to tell and largely depends on the girl. I’ve only been with 2 girls both of whom were virgins before me. The first had a lot of trouble getting accustomed to me and I couldnt go fast or balls deep for well over a month! The girl that I am with now didn’t really have much problems at all. In fact if we fuck for over 30-45 minutes she stretches out and doesn’t feel nearly as tight after awhile. I have around a 6.25 base girth, 6 midshaft, and a small glans. She never says she feels any pain or anything and I want to be just under that level, the more stimulation from girth the better unless its hurting her. Still doubt I would want more than 6.5 though.

Much over 6 girth and I can’t deep throat a big dick…..and I’m 6.5 - 7.0 at the base, and some guys leave teeth marks. Average woman’s mouth prob does not open as wide….

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