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Too Much Girth for Ordinary Condoms?


“I tore 3 condoms a week or so ago.”

It can also depend on the age of the condom, some tear easily simply because they are ultra thin too. I bought a couple boxes a few years back thinking the place that was selling them was blowing them out with a special two for one deal. I didn’t pay much for them and these things tore easily, some even had pin holes that made them rip easily too. When I used them, I was thankful I still had a couple left over from the good stock that I paid regular price for elsewhere, but after two or three of these discounted ones coming apart upon/during installation, I threw the whole batch away figuring 0-3 for a good one was good enough to determine the whole lot was bad. Funny thing was the gf @ the time thought I was an idiot for not being able to put on a condom without breaking, fact was I was just being cheap. I jokingly remarked, “if the condom won’t hold the monster, wait until you get this thing inside you. Are you sure you really can take all of it in one poke ?” She wittingly came back with her comment, “Ohh, If I can give birth to a baby, whatever you have can’t be nearly as big, bring it on and if I can’t take it, I’ll have fun trying !”

I Think you should try XL Trojans, those things are pretty large, But if all else fails check out this web site where you can order a custom condom.


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