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Tom Hubbard

Tom Hubbard

I was trying to find the link for Tom Hubbard’s site to view a picture of his updated hanger. When I located and went to the link, it came up with a 404 Error.

Does anyone have a picture of his new hanger that they could email me or post for the members to see?



Try this...

Hey TJ,
It seems that Tom is still working on his site and has forgot to update the links he has posted. Here is a link to his section on hanging:…ne/178/#weights

His site is really shaping up! He is calling his dowels “jelq sticks” now. Look out Rob Edmund, coming at ya!

BTW, a link to Tom’s site is at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks, my screen and the type at the bottom of the page are the same color, I never saw the link before. Thank you for the info.

Who is Rob Edmund?


the old fart weighs in

Sorry for the disarray on my site. I am so inspired by the drumsticks/PE sticks/Jelq sticks/dikstix that I simply think everything else is obsolete overnight.

I admit to blind enthusiasm, but I really hope some others will try the sticks and get back with their impressions.

If it’s “just me,” I’ll put the emphasis back on explaining everything.

For now, I feel like I’ve got something that’s easy, and cheap, and MOST effective.

Try it and let me know!



If you want an even simpler way to jelq with even more pressure, simply wrap your penis with a piece of elastic material one inch wide and about fifteen inches long.

Begin to get an erection. If the part of the penis above the wrap does not fill, you will have to vary the tension till you get it right. This will assist in cutting of the return flow, as well as backflow. Then, you simply use the ok grip over the wrap. A small amount of pressure on the ok can cut off all return blood or backflow. Less pressure would be a jelq, allowing blood to bypass the wrap.

The hand alone can generate more outward pressure than the hand and sticks combined.



I’m glad I dug this out, because I tried this technique last night and it worked great. I wrapped the bottom half of my dick and then dry jelqed the wrapped section. Is that how you did it? Thanks!


>Is that how you did it?<

This is just one of those things that pop up in the course of wrapping while hanging or when doing extreme Ulis. I did not jelq like this on a regular basis. But it does work well, huh?


It really does. I recommend it to anybody who’s looking for an intense jelq without spending too much time or exerting too much hand pressure.

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