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Tom Hubbard Drumsticks--Please Clear Up the Confusion/Misinformation

Attn: Tom Hubbard--Drumsticks Confusion/Misinformation

I have been interested in your new “drumsticks” concept for PE. I was fortunate to see the various versions of your website and read your own words regarding this new easy-to-make device. Here is the impression I get from your words:

*The drumstick device can be two actual drumsticks or two pieces of dowel, e.g., 1/2” X 10 to 12” long. This device is intended to be grasped with two hands as illustrated on your current website.

*The drumstick device can be two pieces of dowel, e.g., 1/2” X 7” long and connected at one end by a metal ring threaded through a hole drilled in the end face of each dowel. This device is intended to be grasped with one hand and perhaps allows more options as to approach angles, etc.

*To use the drumstick device, insert penis between the two sticks together, squeeze, and pull downward to effect a stretch.

Am I correct so far? Now for the confusion/misinformation. There are various individuals speaking authoritatively on the EZ Board forum that are advocating using the drumsticks in a jelquing motion. Others talk about using the drumstick device with lube. This would make the drumstick device an unpadded Power-Jelq with a more ergonomic grip angle. Based on your words, I envisioned that the drumstick device would be used in more of a pulling/stretching motion on various points of the shaft (excluding the glans). Which is correct? Are you still advocating the one-handed version with the metal ring? (That version is no longer shown on your website.) I’d appreciate your current thoughts on these questions.

Thanks for inspiring me to embark on the PE journey back in the summer of 1999. I appreciate all your pioneering work and continued support of the PE Community.

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to me it is a wondrous thing,
like some genius gift from God -
just take two dowels (who needs the ring)
and gently squeeze and pull your rod

but i can’t answer every query
there is no ultimate routine
this complication makes me weary -
my answers could become obscene

experiment with this invention
fifteen minutes, every day
fast or slow, just pay attention -
get your drumsticks, and let’s play!

and when it feels right, tell the others
let them know your favorite tricks
treat forum friends like they’re your brothers
united, seeking bigger dicks

together we can quickly learn
if this thing works, and how is best
i’ve said my piece, i’ve had my turn
and now must take a needed rest


You're right

Correction: I never KNEW anything would work but weights, until now. I was guessing that milking would work.

But you’re right - no point in giving people anything that might cause them harm. I helped lots of guys; I’ve got my good karma out of 5-1/2 years of this nonsense. Makes sense to quit while you’re ahead.

Goodbye, again.

Does this exercise cause an erection?

I just have to ask ! Woulnt stroking your cock for pleasure count ? It seems to me it should be of some value. It does cause your cocks to grow! One more question ? Do the exercises you guys do stimulate you to a sexual erection of any sorts? Sorry but curious minds like mine wanna know. Im not trying to be cute or suggestive either. I really wonder & would like to know.

Yes, a sexual erection let’s our dicks grow. But there is an end to how much, though. In order to get any gain out of it, you need to force more blood into your dick and expand it beyond its normal capacity.

Yes, again. Sometimes I become horny as hell from these exercises and have a great urge to jack-off. I don’t know about others, but I guess everyone has felt that way at some point.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Thanks Uncut4big for answering that

Its just one of those things that I coulnt help but be curious about!

Penis Growth

Masturbation really doesn’t stimulate penis growth. It is the exercises we do that facilitate the growth. And yes the exercises do give me an erection but I do not allow the exercises to work into a sexual thing. Nor do I allow myself to masturbate at that time. It actually will effect the exercises negatively if I do that. There is an emotional tie in as far as I am concerned with penis enlargement. You see I am 62 years old and have spent my entire adult life troubled with a smaller than normal penis. These exercises have opened up an entire new world for me and allowed me to be completely confident and totally sure of myself in all situations. There is a corollary between the large penis and the feeling of confidence in a man that cannot be measured in words and is probably very difficult for a woman to comprehend. Just as a lady would as I mentioned to you before, have breast augmentation if she felt troubled with smaller than normal breasts, so I as a man have taken to these exercises as way to change me physically and as a result be more self assured. I have gained almost 2.5 inches in length. This is an amazing increase and one that I would have never believed possible had I not done it myself and have that penis attached to me!. I hope this helps to somewhat explain the psychology of this experience to you. As you so aptly stated in one of your postings, you were fortunate enough to be blessed with a beautiful body and large breasts. I now feel I am blessed with everying including a large penis. Yes it is a physical change but more important it is a mental condition that has been reached and let me tell you that unless you were in my shoes you could not understand that 7.375 incres erect is far better than a mere 5 inches erect.

Thanks again for allowing me to express myself and I trust that you will understand.

(IMHO) negative effects....

In my (little) experience masturbation after the exercises is NO good !! infact i saw that my baby after ejac. narrows …maybe is what somebody calls “refractory period” …the blood flows away from penis…so maybe effects are diminushed (or is my feeling of it…) !!! so i always do NOT masturbate after PE exercises…i know sometimes it’s really hard, but i think is better ! and my little friend stay greater for some hours and this is a good feeling ! :-)


Thanks For The Answers

I think I do under stand the mental state that you have towards

Your exercises! Its not for pleasure but for gain! Well Im sure that by gaining inches you certainly will derive pleasure from it later! Let me ask you another question please? If you were to stop your exercises cold turkey how fast would you lose your gains that you maintain with exercise? Do you basicaly stay at a stable lenghth if you maintain your exercises? Does your penis size fluctuate for any reason & what would that reason be if it were so?

Reply to Diamond Winds

I really can not answer if my penis would diminish in size if I stopped cold turkey. The reason is I do not ever intend to stop. I have gained so much pleasure out of the exercises and the results that I find no reason to stop. It is a good substitute for continuous masturbation. And the best part is, I am getting gains. You cannot imagine how this has changed my life. I am a new person because of this and I feel so much better about my self and how I look. Every morning when I look in the mirror I cannot believe the penis in the mirror is attached to me. I hope that puts it as succinctly as possible.


Im glad your having much success.Thats great to hear.To me anything you do towards self improvement is happning! Especially if you feel great about yourself thats what counts. Keep up the good work!

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