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To wrap or not to wrap?

To wrap or not to wrap?

I am really only a couple of weeks into any kind of program, but I am seriously intrigued by post-PE wrapping. My first question is “is it too soon for me to wrap?” If the theory that we want the penis to heal in an elongated state is correct, and newbie gains are the quickest and easiest, wouldn’t we want to be wrapping as soon as possible to hold the penis in an elongated state after PE?

I’ve read the threads about using the Homedics Thera-P wrist wrap and I understand you can also use an Ace Bandage, but I have to admit I’m feeling a little dense about the whole thing. I can’t seem to envision it in my mind. I went to a pharmacy this morning and they had all sorts of Ace bandages but no wrist wraps. I have a 2” bandage at home, but it seems too big. Unfortunately, that was also the smallest size at the store.

1) Do you stretch the flaccid penis to full length before wrapping?
2) How many times around do you wrap?
3) If I use self-adhesive wraps, are they re-usable or one-time only?
4) How tight should I wrap?
5) How long can I stay wrapped safely?

Also at the store this morning, I found a couple of potential alternatives.

1) They had a Toe bandage of some sort that was a hollow piece of expandable mesh surrounded by a foam pad. They came in 4” lengths and the box said it could be easily trimmed to the necessary size, and would expand to fit any size toe.

Now, I know it sounds crazy, but it seems to me that flaccid penis girth would be comparable to a big toe… I’m sort of curious to see if this would work. Has anyone else encountered or tried these?

2) They had a 1” wide self-adhesive “pain free” tape that is not suposed to stick to skin or hair. It seems this would be ideal, as long as it is elastic enough. Has anyone had any experience with something like this as a wrap? I would have to thin this can’t be re-usable, but who knows?

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Clear this up for mewhen you say post PE wrapping, is this warm down, or after a hanging session?

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Not necessarily hanging, but after any PE session. I’m still in the newbie routine, so I am only stretching and Jelquing. So if I did a routine in the morning, after that I’d put the wrap on and wear it to work and such.

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

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For just wrapping, you can use the under-wrap that goes underneath athletic tape. I wish I could give you more details, but there was a thread about this last week or so, maybe you could track it down. It’s the thin stuff you put around your ankle first, before you tape up your ankle, that keeps the thick ankle tape from sticking to your skin and hair. It has enough elasticity to make an excellent wrap, from what I understand from that thread.

There’s also the hair-tie wrap (HTW - search for it). I might try this at some point but right now I’m content with my ADS.

Instead of a wrap, you might eventually also want to try an ADS. (But wait until you have a few months of PE under your belt to do one.) Consider golf weights or lil1’s simple ADS — Read up here:

Definitive ADS by Stevie31

For your questions:

(1) I do a light stretch, maybe 70-80% EL? But certainly not a hard stretch to EL.
(2) Not sure (I wrap for an ADS and spiral all the way down, maybe a dozen wraps) but for just a plain wrap maybe 5, 6 times?
(3) Self-adhesive bandages should give you many uses. I’m not sure about the “under-wrap” I mentioned above.
(4) You’ll have to figure this out for yourself — just tight enough to keep from turtling. Err on the side of too loose. Too loose it will just slip off, too tight and you could really hurt yourself. Make sure you’re not cutting off circulation, and check frequently.
(5) I’d rewrap frequently (20-30 minutes) when you’re just starting out. You want to make sure that temperature (a little cool is ok, cold is not ok) and color (blue is not ok) stay in the “zone of safety.” As you get more familiar with wrapping, and more conditioned to being wrapped, you can up these times.

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