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To Thunder and Experienced PEers

To Thunder and Experienced PEers

I would like to suggest that on the main page you have a place where abbreviations are explained. This is generally a very easy site to navigate, and the only thing I am having trouble with is following threads back to find out what an abbreviation means. Also, Thunder I will have completed my research within 2 weeks (already through my anatomy and physiology books as well as 6 aromatherapy books- and now starting on new manual techniques)and was wondering where to post the thread, as a lot of it will be stuff I haven’t seen anywhere yet. Thanks.

Hey 2in2002,

At the bottom of every page there is a link to the PE FAQ/Glossary. Most of the PE abbreviations are explained there. Also lil’s Quick Start Guide in the FAQ/QSG/PEDatabase Forum here has info on abbreviations.

As far as your posts go, put them in the Main Member Forum and if they appear to fit better in another forum, we can always move them.

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