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To the Naysayers


To the Naysayers

I have been a member of the WebMd message boards for 2 years. I have read countless postings by men who are tired of going through life with a smaller penis than they think they should have been given. (ie gentics). I have posted several comments regarding jelqing and stretching and ulis to these people in hopes that they would join this site or another free site and learn what we have learned regarding penis enlargement. Some of them have joined. However, there is negative comments from Dr. Goldberg, a urologist on the WebMD site. He claims there is no proof that the human male penis can be enlarged and that all previous medical studies have shown no difference in penis size if the men in question did exercises. I personally challenged him recently regarding his position and I have to say he never posted a reply to my challenge, even after I made him aware of my gains and the gains of other men I have chatted with here and at other sites.

I make this commentary only to inform the men on this site that the “medical establishment” will most likely never come to grips with the truth that some things can change and that we as members of this group have proven that over time and with proper care and exercise penis enlargement is possible. I actually had a recent ocassion to visit my Dr. for a physical. Upon his examination of my penis and testicles he commented that they appeared larger and different than at the prior exam. I was forced to tell him the truth and I have to say he was blown away and overwhelmed. He could not believe it. But yet, he had to. What else could he do. One doctor down and a gazillion to go.

Anyway guys, keep up the work. The exercises do work. And one by one we can and will develop the ways and means to change the archaic thinking of the “medical establishment”

Thank you for your time.


It seems that so many people cannot and will not believe something that they can’t do (or more accurately won’t even try to do) and have never known anyone personally who could do it.

I myself like to try these things myself. Once again with PE it wasn’t the first time someone had told me something couldn’t be done only for me to try it myself and see that it can.

Who knows - maybe its not possible physically and its all just placebo effect.

Personally i don’t care - i have an open mind and a bigger penis.

I’m also having a much better time than all those guys who spend much less time in the shower and say it can’t be done ;)

See Ya,


Just like you, uc61la, I once send an e-mail to a doctor which stated on the web that the only way your penis would become bigger was through surgery.

I explained him about jelqing.

Never got any reply though. Guess he’s too busy jelqing. :head:


Very humorous

Flaroden, you have a marvelous sense of humor. It is probably true that most Dr.’s are too busy either jelqing or doing something else with their member. Maybe that is why we always have to wait no matter how prompt we are for the appointment!

The western medical community is characteristically very resistant to embrace alternate forms of health care and wellness promotion. There are probably many reasons for this, from ignorance to hubris to greed.

Hopefully things will change in the near future. The world is becoming smaller…

may be because I can jelq and hang for relatively free, or go drop 5 grand on surgery……..hmmmmm, i guess if i was a doctor i would promote surgery too, but i would probably bib hang in my office on luch hour.

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making Dr.s believe

I am a 62 year old male who, because of diabetes must use injections to get a full erection…….my urologist was amazed at the gains I have made from PE exercises……he even had questions as to how it is done……

the word is spreading

Seems like the word is gradually spreading in the medical community. Next thing you know, mainstream media will be doing interviews with board members on NBC Dateline or CBS Sixty Minutes. Any volunteers?



in many cases are just plain jealous. That sentence sounds different to what I wish to express but can’t find a better word.

A guy who hears that someone can, with alot of effort and time, increase his size, and is not personally willling to do so, will immediately brush it off as nonsense.

I know many guys who succeeded in NM (network marketing), - or just plain door to door selling for that matter, -and so many people say it doesn’t work BECAUSE IT TAKES TOO MUCH EFFORT.

Of course if you don’t put in the effort, you will see no gains.


Re: the word is spreading

Originally posted by peforeal
Seems like the word is gradually spreading in the medical community. Next thing you know, mainstream media will be doing interviews with board members on NBC Dateline or CBS Sixty Minutes. Any volunteers?


I’d volunteer but I don’t exist.

You could try Letterman or Lino

Hey Thunder don’t limit yourself to just one show, these two late nite guys need some good acts to spice up their ratings especially with May sweeps starting next week. This could be the start of another “survival series” with the last to survive having the largest penis in the shortest period required to gain it via jelqing. Talk about a whole new world of adventure! And we could title the show “Thunders Place” i.e. Peyton Place! Think about the ratings, the money, the fame, the fortune and most of all your place in television history. All from a pe website. Ah, what success!

name change suggestion

Thumbs up to uc61’s suggestion……I do however think a more appropriate name for a “survivor” type show is in order……may I suggest…………..” The Weakest Dink”?

Good post…except I don’t want others to find out :) I want to be that much bigger.



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Here’s one M.D. who believes!


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