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To the 200 guests currently here

To the 200 guests currently here

There are many forums you don’t see as a guest, plus you can’t search the great archives as a guest and you can’t post as a guest. I joined just 3 months ago and have already posted over 500 times and searched the archives countless times. It’s free and there is absolutely no spam at Thunder’s.

Beenthere you have been a good poster at that, I’m glad you joined I have enjoyed your company we got some good guys posting here.

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Thanks Dino. I recall one of my first posts here you said it was a great story. I appreciated it.

Dino, I want to explain why I mentioned that newbie post of mine. As a newbie, I was a bit apprehensive as to the responses I would get. For a moderator to say something positive at that time meant a lot to me. Thunder seems to have a knack for picking moderators. In your case, it seems to me that you are such an easy going person and I’m sure everyone here can sense it. This is why I spoke up when reading about you possibly getting banned from another website. I knew that didn’t add up to fair. I’m sure somebody would really really have to rub you wrong for you to be any other way. I’m very easy going myself , but I don’t have your knack of coming right through the pages that way. I actually even have a sense of humour that rivals the Captn and Pirate, and I die laughing sometimes at their remarks and enjoy reading sly humour anytime it’s posted by anyone. I don’t carry on like they do though because if I attempted to joke in the manner they do it wouldn’t quite come out right :) . Captn and Pirate are pros at expressing themselves in ways I can only think.

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Hey beenthere,

So Dino’s reply to your first post made you feel comfortable here? Good, now remember that feeling the next time you see a new guy post and give him a warm welcome. You other guys can join in also. I used to try to reply to every member’s first post, even if it was a short “Welcome aboard”, I knew that it helped the guy feel welcome here. Too many new members for me to keep up now, so lend a hand when you can.

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