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To PE or not to PE in the next month. Advice needed.

To PE or not to PE in the next month. Advice needed.

My PE workout has been a total mess in the last three weeks. I barely PEed at all. At first I was a little lazy, but now there are some objective reasons - my father got ill and he has been staying at home, all the time, for almost a week now (he’ll get better in a few days), and in 11 days I’m going to Greece where I’ll stay for two weeks and I won’t be able to PE there, except for some manual stretching (if there’s a point in stretching only).

I read in a number of threads how it is wrong to allow your penis to fully recover (meaning, to take breaks), because the penis gets “rigid”, more resistant to change. So I don’t really know what to do here. Should I completely stop PEing until I return from Greece in mid April, or should I PE when I can even in this period?

The shower is your friend, and it isn’t that difficult to travel with some PE items. Take a hanger, penismaster, etc…. and some cable clamps. All fit inside a fanny pack.

This isn’t the answer I was looking for. First of all, I do manual PE ONLY. Secondly, I didn’t ask how to PE in this situation. I told you that I won’t be able to PE regularly in the next month and I don’t really need you to persuade me otherwise. There is no need to explain all circumstances of my situation.

I am just asking - if I can’t PE regularly in the next month, is it better to PE irregularly or not to PE at all?

Taking a long break is not going to hurt you in any way and the general feeling around here is that taking a deconditioning break is good for the process.

The main thing to remember is that when you do start up again, to begin as a newbie with short duration moderate routines. You can not start where you left off, or you will cause damage and have to stop again.

Take your time off as a positive and enjoy Greece. It’s a beauitful place. Hope your father is feeling better soon.

Thanks gprent. My father’s illness is nothing serious, I don’t know the English word for it, but I can say that it is painful but not really dangerous.

Anyway, are you saying that it’s better not to PE then to PE irregularly?

And, would it be better to do at least some manual stretches?

I’m also going out of town for a week on Monday. I’m wondering the same thing. Should I take a break (after only three weeks of PE), or should I continue my exercises? I think I can fit them in if necessary, but if my unit could use a break I’m cool with enjoying the beach PE-free.



I would say just forget about a formal PE routine for awhile. But even when I take breaks, I still do some manual stretching every morning after my shower. It’s just habit and it only takes a few minutes.

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Unless you have been going overboard and beating your unit up, I would say try to continue with your routine. What would be better then to do a routine and then go out and bake in the sun with a nice post PE flaccid going for you?

But if you have been going at it too hard and your unit looks like it needs a break, then stop for the week and when you start again, do so at a more moderate level. If your routine seems right on track right now, just continue as is.

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