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To BIB and the other long time residents..

To BIB and the other long time residents..

first off..BIB Congrats on your hard work and your great gains you have achieved from a so called myth…
but I have a question…

Bib 2 years ago , I was reading the achive stuff, two years ago you were like 11” from 6 when you started out, dont know what you are now but…WHY? you keep working out intensely as you are…hanging for hours a day and other execises…
11” your already to big!.don’t you think so???

IF you keep doing it it might hit the floor…. hahaha…
some other this method reversal in anyway?..
If you stop working out will your Penis go back to its ordinary size of 6 ” which you had for 20 years or so…???
and to the othr people who have been doing these workouts for years and have now 8 - 9- 10 ” fellows…WHY keep going…
also you guys are married, not like you want to impress the girls or what ever…these might sound like personal questions..

but i am sure when you started out these workouts years ago you had a complex about your size an you wanted a couple of more inchs but you guys have almost double your Penis size!!!!!

whats up with that?..

do you guys have a cut off point???

and a concerning question as previous mentioned…

ok I am 6” sometimes almost 7” if really horny) and 5 - 5.5 in girth…
now what I would like to know if you don’t mind sharing this information is if is do excercises over time and manage to hit 8-9 length and 6 - 7 in girth…..
once I get that point,,can I stop working out for good…thats it game over I have made what I want nomore work outs…
or will I find my penis shrinking back to its usual state over time and then in a no time I will be back to 6” x 5 ” ??????

thank you for your time in reading this..
I look forward to your replies…
thank you all…..

P.S I was not making fun of anyone, just am curious why you all keep going…
cheers guys…

Im new to this PE thing but I know the answer to this one I think.

Once you reach your gains, you have to do a maintence workout for about 1 month or 2, and you do about 20 mins of pe 1-2-3 days per week.

After about a month or 2 you do about 2-3 sessions a month approx. 20 mins each session.

It’s basically to “cool down” and let the dick get to know its knew status and keep it that way.

My only #1 advice to newbies, take a picture of your dick and put it ona floppy. Many years later of PE you'll remember all the good times between then and now. ''There is a word for people who never stressed about the size of their penis — 'women'. '' Starting stats since Feb. 16, 2001 NBP: 5.7\'\' EG: 4.7\'\' Now on Aug. 8, 2003 NBP: 7.75\'\' EG: 5.3\'\'~5.5\'\'

Lost gains

Or use it or lose it, simple as that.

Generally, all men lose sizes as the reach the later years in life.

With a low key maitenence routine (maybe a jelg session 1-2 times a week) I see no reason why losses should occur until one gets to the stage of not wanting to use it …ever again.


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