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To all the thick guys...

Damn, I like this thread:-)
At 8.4” x 5.5”, I can see Wadzilla’s point. Long and thin doesn’t do it.

So I’m working on girth, knowing that it can be done as I keep reading here..

Great motivation! I’d really like to get to the “how”- part, but that has already been described in many posts, so I’ll just have to read more.

I too love pumping, and I’ve been talking to pumpers enough to know that it will give me increased girth. AND length, combined with manual excercises.

January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"


“I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me….”

cool tune


A pumper’s 7.5” girth can’t be considerred the same as normal erect girth 7.5” A pumper’s erection is spongy and filled with fluid between the skin and CC. It’s a different type of beast, don’t you agree?


I agree to a certain point, although on my rest days, I still measure in at 7.0 inches mid shaft, so I have lost half an inch from fluid retension. As far as a different type of beast, well its all in the Head……..

Gettin Bigger

Originally posted by big-kiwi

I agree to a certain point, although on my rest days, I still measure in at 7.0 inches mid shaft, so I have lost half an inch from fluid retension. As far as a different type of beast, well its all in the Head……..

But I wonder what you’d measure if you didn’t touch your pump for about 6 months.


Even without the pump, I would still have thickness with Horse440s and erect jelqing, as without pumping a while back, for a period of about 6-8 weeks, the girth was still fat, I would say 6 inches….

Erect jelqing has done wonders for me when doing them together with Horses…..

Gettin Bigger


I pumped four or five times a few years ago. After about 45 minutes to one hour I got huge girth, but it was coming from just under the skin. I don’t know what happens for regular pumpers, do you think you are getting gains within the CC? Compared to jelq and squeeze I feel like pumping stresses the tissue outside the CC. I just felt a soft liquid padding around my dick. I would call it visual girth, when I squeezed it all I would find is the CC standing strong about 1/4 inch beneath.

Re: to Anna

Originally posted by phat9
Hon, girth can be much more than eye candy………..especially after several kids.

I have had my children by c-section so I am not personally sure if that would be the same for me in that instance. And sure, some things are more than eye candy.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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You got me

It would not be the same for you.


I think pumping has helped with gaining girth, I see your point, because usually I am around 6.0-6.5 without pumping. As soon as I have done a seesion it rockets to 7.5.
With Horses and erect jelqing, I have more permanent gains.
For example, when I hot-wrap for 5 mins, do some light stretching for 5 mins, I have still measured in at 6.5 inches mid-shaft. I still believe that pumping has played it`s part…..

Gettin Bigger

One of the down sides I’ve had is oral sex. I get the “my jaw is getting tired”. I think if I was any thicker I’d get NO oral sex. When I started jelqing my length shot 2 inches in 5 weeks and my girth went from 6 to 6-1/4. I had to find out what was causing the girth increase and hold back. Of course when oral sex comes around I know it’s time to renew my drivers license.


Is it that long between drinks?
My wife hasn`t got a huge mouth, but she says she enjoys oral sex, even with a fat dick……
I think it comes down to personal preference….

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wife loves my thick one

My wife loves my thick penis. It is 7” in circumference at base and midshaft when fully erect. Oral sex is a problem when fully erect, because she can only manage the head (barely that). But she starts it when I am totally soft and gives me good, slow oral sex until I am fully hard.
When she is with her girl friends (and after a few drinks) she loves to brag about how thick I am. Once she did it in my company (which was a huge turn on) in Vegas. She bragged that it was as “thick as a wrist”. When the girls looked at their own tiny (5.5-6”) wrists, they nodded and said “yeah that’s pretty thick”. But then my wife said “not yours, HIS!” They then measured my wrist with their hands and could not even get close to going around it. My wife loved it.
The other night when we were coming home after a late night out, she wanted to do something we have not done in many years. She wanted me to pull over at the school down the street from our house and make love to her outside. We found a great secluded area and she hiked up her dress and pulled her panties down. She was wearing black thigh high stockings (which turn me on) and she bent over at the waist so that I could enter from behind. I had the hugest hardon. I bet that it was about 7.25” around this time. After many tries, I could not get it in in this position. I lubed her up on my knees with some oral sex and tried again. No luck. She said, “It’s so damn big”. I was so horny that I told her to lay down in the dirt and then proceeded to put it in missionary style. She gasped when it went in. I didn’t last long but I could feel that I stretched her out good.
Yeah, she loves the girth, but it does make things a little more difficult sometimes.



I totally agree with you. My wife loves big thick cock, especially the look of anticipation after her period, when she hasn`t had it for a while.
I love that look, and also when she is about to give head……..

Gettin Bigger



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