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To all manual stretchers


To all manual stretchers

I’ve been using white paper towel for a grip aid for a long long time. Works well, is pretty cheap, no mess and easy disposal. What I’ve been doing is taking a full sheet and tearing it into four equal sections, so I’m left with 4 equal sized squares and using one square per session to strengthen my grip. I just found something that works even better.

Don’t tear the towel. Simply fold it in half, then again in half. You are left with a square the same size as when you ripped it, but it is 4 times thicker. Use it and stretch away.

The additional grip is phenomenal, and you can use less gripping power making your forearms last much longer to hold a stretch with the same force. Really recommend this.

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Know what? I sometimes use toilet paper for a better grip. Occasionally it scares the hell out of me, after already giving it a good pull it happens that caused by the pressure at a certain point the paper caught between my hand and my dick tears and makes a snappy sound. It’s always good to find out that it was ONLY THE PAPER, phew…

Did none of your colleagues ever wonder why you’re approaching the sink first, getting some paper towels and then disappearing in the toilet? At least now with your folding technique they don’t have to wonder what the sound of ripping paper should tell them… :-Y

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I tear a long strip off the paper towel, and use it as a wrap for gripping maybe 1/2” behind the head.

Use the remainder of the towel for cleanup.

Use the cardboard tube insert for inspiration. ;)

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Long, small office environment, it’s a on stall room, all to itself, one occupant at a time…

Thought I should add, I’m referring to the rolled paper towels, like bounty or something…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I usually use the wrap that came with my BIB hanger it works very well. But I can’t take it over my girls house over the weekend fearing she might find it or I’ll forget and then what will I use once I get home. But now I can use her paper towels when I want to get a good stretch in while she’s in the shower.

very cool idea RB.


Paper towels and toilet paper work great. Reduces slipping a lot.

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TP is a multi-tasking product! :up:

It’s what I use to great effect!

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I’m a little reluctant to use a paper towel as a grip aid with PE, because in the past, when I have blown my nose and wiped my ass with a paper towel, the fabric was very rough when being rubbed against the skin, and I regret ever using them as a substitute.

Another great thing to try for hand strength and grip strength is hand grippers.The best ones to get are the captains of crush from ironmind.They go right up to 395lbs of closing pressure but only one man has ever been recorded as closing this one so I’d recommend starting off with the 100lbs or 140lbs closing pressure grippers.

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I first tried post-it notes with the glue side in to get a better grip. But I kept getting paper cuts and they made my johnson look like some kind of weird rain forest flower with the post-it notes attached in a circle just behind the head. My wife almost went into cardiac arrest from laughing so hard when she saw it.

So then I tried sand paper, but it kept cracking under my fingers. Then one day I was repairing the tail pipe on my Yugo with a strip of emory cloth and voilà!!! I realized I found the answer. Emory cloth works even better! :) :) :)

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strip of emory cloth
This would seem like a very bad idea to me.

And Post-It notes?

Exactly what type of medication are you on?

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DarkTrick, are you serious? That was all tongue-in-cheek. Have you ever felt emory cloth? Even Charmin is too rough for the skin on my Mr. Happy.

The easier I am on myself, the harder life is on me.

Sorry, read the post too fast I guess.

Seems everytime I log in there’s like 596 new posts to wade through to see if anyone posted anything of value, so I guess I just was trying to get through things too quickly.

Was thinking, next thing I’ll read is some post in the Newbie section where some guy is saying, “Well I tried using emory cloth as someone suggested and now my dick is all rough and sore.”

The use paper towel like RB suggested is very good though. If you’re wet jelqing and alternately want to do manual stretches between sets, the paper towel lets you get a grip and stretch without having to clean up first.

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Originally posted by DarkTrick

Seems everytime I log in there's like 596 new posts to wade through to see if anyone posted anything of value…

… and maybe three have. Why is this so? Something about this time of year?


Not sure dude, is disappointing at times.

Not to say these other non-PE post have no value, I can have fun with them, some make me laugh like hell.

But sometimes it’s beat that I look thru so much stuff and dont pick up any new techniques, observations or insights.

I find it useful to just go back to old posts and wander around there. Sometimes can find a gem of a post that’s lost to obscurity, and that’s cool.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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