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To all manual stretchers


A guaranteed non slip product …Super Glue.

OK just kidding

If you have easy access to a sink where you stretch, a relatively soft cloth moistened with hot water works well too. Never tried this, but I suppose those extra strong paper towels would work just as well, if they hold up to being wet.

Now for the non-PE related part of my post:

Originally posted by RB
Long, small office environment, it's a on stall room, all to itself, one occupant at a time…

This explains your office PE success. My office PE attempts so far have been deterred by some nasty-assed fucker blasting diarrhea in the stall next to mine, or something of that nature.

RB…just wanted to let you know you’re suggestion has improved my stretch dramatically, thanks.

Paper towels may provide a good grip, but for me they fuckin’ hurt.

Becoming.... Godsize

Ya, I am back using baby powder. The other day my boss asked me who’s baby powder?? I said, I dunno….HAHAHAHAHAHA

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

I can’t give my my rubber gloves, they work way too good for me. The grip is amazing.

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The question is whether or not these can be used for uncirced guys, like me.

The foreskin tends to slip even when I grip my strongest. Haven’t tried any stretching aids yet, but given the nature of foreskin, I’m thinking if it worked, the aids would be at a greatly reduced efficiency. I’m thinking that to reduce slippage due to foreskin, the stretching aid would have to grip the internal structure. Has anyone that is not circumcised, successfully found a way to do this?


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