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To all Ballzinger wearers

To all Ballzinger wearers

Well, I’ve worn mine now for a few weeks. I am still noticing a bigger hang and heavier balls. It may be months/years of wearing to know if this will make for permanent gains. I notice a slight increase in ejaculate, but it may be my imagination.

What has been your experience?


I had to quit wearing mine. After I had it on for several hours and had a little sweat buildup, it must of increased the electrical charge as it would become very uncomfortable. Many times I woke up in the middle of the night with this thing zapping the shit out of me. I wore it for several months and didn’t notice an increased size of my load.

Wow, shocking you?!?! The worst problem I had during the night was a boner waking me up.

larry, a properly built zinger will never exceed 1.10V regardless of how much sweat you have. It is the property of the metal coeficient that is the limiting factor. Different metals will produce higher or lower voltage, but you have to consider the biocompatibility factor.
I wrote a posting with a little more information if you care to read it Ballzinger - Information for new members

What did you use for materials?

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LBB, how is yours doing for you? I like the 20% semi 24/7. It seems to really increase blood flow, if nothing else.

Is there any evidence that the effects are permanent? I’ve got my zinc on the way from McMaster’s so I can’t wait…


I’ll tell you I wasn’t imaging things. It was pain. I thought I’d increase the conductivity by putting saltwater in the tubes. I used a two part epoxy to seal the ends and look the fuck out. That baby was zapping me. Sometimes within an hour I had to remove it, maybe the salt water wasn’t such a good idea.

I have a couple and like them a lot. It is comfortable even at night except when you get the raging boners.


By the way, mine are not for sale sorry! or Home Depot

I got the Zinc solid rod (6”) from McMaster part# 3606K1 for $6.54 each
and you can get copper solid rod (12”) there too part#8965K141 for $7.72 each.
Material Alloy 101 Oxygen-Free Copper Diameter 3/8”

Or there is always 3/8” O.D. refrigerator (food) grade copper tubing from Home Depot, they only charged me $.99 cents for 12”

1/4” I.D. latex hose from Lowe’s (Home Depot doesn’t have it anymore) - $1.40 / foot.

Very easy to get and make

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Hmm the ballzinger is more of a chemical process of which I don’t know much but I do have some knowledge on electrical systems. To me it looks like larry29 has made an oscillator out of his dick and ballzinger :D I once had to explain an oscillator setup using water for an oral exam, I’m pretty sure my teacher would have find this version amusing. The rods both work as voltage source and as capacity with the current going through the saltwater. The rods charge up and when they reach a certain threshold they discharge causing a zap.

Maybe this is what happens too without using saltwater within the tubes but at a slower rate because of the higher resistance of cock ‘n balls.

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Larry, did you try it without the saline? Mine gives no shock, and my multimeter reads between .5 and .8 volts with no “vap” or pain at all. Just remove the saline and give her a try.


I have been getting good results from the ROP, which I assume is another name for the same thing. The only problem I had was I wore it too tight at night and I wokeup with a fully pumped dick with a huge donut. I imagine this would be equivalent to pumping at high pressure and then wearing a constrictive cock ring for several hours at once-not a good thing. I am a big “grower” so now I adjust it to be tight during the day and much looser before I go to sleep. It works better now, my balls feel heavier and I have increased girth and vascularity As far as loads, I try not to ejaculate often. I believe loads are better but that can be due to this, less ejaculations, supplements, and (mostly IMO) Edging.

big, you woke up with a donut??? DAMN, you did have it a tad too tight! :)

I think that the salt water or the epoxy may be causing some of the irritation.
The ballzinger does not need to any more help to work properly, and the process is not to get a larger voltage, but a small steady current generated naturally. Tom had tried the saline water a couple of years ago, and if at the beginning it seemed to increase the voltage, at the end the idea was dropped. There is no significant change if voltage. The zinger should be generating between 0.5 and 0.8V with or without the saline water anyway.

I have been wearing mine for about two month now, and I feel the effects like everyone else. Harder morning wood, fuller balls, larger flaccid penis. When I am away from my gf’s, I try to hold masturbating, I enjoy holding back to give a huge load when I get together again. It is hard to please two gf at the same time!

I have not worn the zinger for the past 4 days because I developed a small rash at the bottom of the scrotum, maybe due to pinching or rubbing from the edges of the latex, but it is all healed now, and I will start to wear the zinger again. However, I have noticed that without it, I still retained the longer flaccid hand in the morning when I wake up, and very relaxed balls. My erections are still nice, but not as intense as when wearing the zinger. So the long term effects may be interesting to note.

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LBB, thanks for the report. It will be interesting to see if the larger flaccid size for long periods of time have long term effects. I notice a pretty sizable difference when I’m not wearing it.


Two girlfriends huh LBB? It doesn’t sound like you’re very “lonely” !!

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