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To all Ballzinger wearers

After reading this thread, I made another ballzinger. I wore one for a while, maybe a year ago, and I filled the tubing with saltwater. That thing would zap me pretty good while I was sleeping, so after a few weeks of intermittent use, I bagged it.

I’ve been wearing the new one for a week, pretty much 24/7. There is no doubt that I’ve got a fuller flaccid hang. Looks great. I’ve always had a pretty good load, so it’d really have to ramp up for me to notice. Just to check, last nite I pulled out and shot on my wife’s ass and pussy. It certainly was at the top end as far as the amount, nothing I haven’t done before, but not usually when I have sex on consecutive nites.

My morning wood this morning was almost painful.

There is definitely something happening.

OK, I’ve been wearing the zinger for about 3 weeks and here’s what I’ve noticed…

-Bigger flaccid hang
-Erections again at night
-Harder Erections
-More frequent erections and more sex drive
-More intense orgasms
-Better moods - I haven’t been down or depressed in the least bit in the past week and a half or so.
-No usual mood drop in the hours following ejaculation.
-I think those last two were due to increased testosterone.
-More acne on my upper body - the only negative side effect so far but well worth the sacrifice.

What I haven’t really noticed…

-No real difference in ejaculation volume.
-No difference in number of shots.

What I think I MAY have noticed but I’m not quite sure…

-Better gains during weightlifting
-Bigger balls - It appears that they’re bigger but it could be my imagination.

Here’s the wierd part…

I haven’t had the desire to do PE that I had before. It’s almost like I feel more confident in my self as a whole which I think is due to increased testosterone. In the back of my mind I still want to get that huge cock but it just doesn’t seem to be a big issue.

I just wish I knew if this was permanent or not…

I’ve been wearing mine for about 5 hours now. I have to say that the warm

sensation from the metal rods is strange. Hope I get all the good effects like the others.

I have built 2 different ball zingers. One was too big (3/8”) but it worked. So I bult a new one that was alot more comfortable. I used 1/4” vinyl hose and 1/4” copple pipe and 1/4” aluminum pipe. This was much more comfortable. The mild sesation is great. I put salt water in it and it zinged real good, but the salt water got warm and it heated the vinyl and tape and it came loose. So I use it empty.

But the feeling I get is great! Like others have said before me - I am horny all the time and some days I get a spontaneous erection that worn’t go away ( 1/2 hour). Sometimes I am so horny that I feel I must cum now. I start stimulation and in a matter of 30 seconds I am ready to shoot! So I back off and enjoy the monster that I have. I haven’t had that happen in years! Being that it is so comfortable - I will wear it indefinitely. I thank you very much for the info.

> I used 1/4” vinyl hose and 1/4” copple pipe and 1/4” aluminum pipe.

With aluminum it probably won’t zing well for very long. From this page:

Using magnesium metal instead of zinc metal also makes a better battery, because it costs less energy to remove the electron from magnesium metal (this means it is more chemically reactive). Theoretically, aluminum would be a good choice, but in practice it doesn’t work very well, because the aluminum surface is almost completely covered by a thin layer of aluminum oxide, which is an insulator: aluminum is too reactive to use in air.

And farther down:

We tried using aluminum foil instead of zinc several times. This made a really good battery just once, and even then the battery quit working within a few seconds. We suspect that the chemical reactions at the aluminum surface are rapidly covering it with insoluble insulating material.

OK, I live in France, I ordered a Ballzinger from Lonelybb instead of a home-made, cause I wanted to have a good one, and I am expencting some after sales services from Lonelybb (like short advices).

I ordered it like a week ago, and it takes around ten days to arrived in France. I already payed Lonelybb, and he seems really professional.

I will keep you post:

First about if I receive or not the product.
Second if it works or not.

Will see, will see !!! But I hoppe I will come back with good news!

OK, I received the Product.

Well shipping, well packaging, good delay. Thankx Lonelybb.

To all, I will tell you if it works, by tomorrow or the day after.

Hi Kelly,

I am glad you received the zinger as promised. Thanks for the endorsement so far. I will look forward to your follow up postings for everyone to take notice. Good or bad.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

Maybe some one can explain. Why some guys want bigger balls? I understand the advantages of having a larger dick. Do chicks really dig them?

Dear Sparky: Ask your GF…

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

I will

Hum…. Maybe it works… I am not sure yet, but… I think something changed.

Let me one week or ten days more, and I will tell you for sure.

Hi Kelly,

There is no hurry or pressure to feel the results. Every person’s physiology is different, some take longer than others to feel the results, and some don’t even get any results. So give it a little more time and post your results.

I wear mine only at night and it feels terrific to be awaken in the morning with my GF riding on the pole.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

Hi all,

I made a little discovery…

Try the following: put a copper and a zinc piece to your tongue. You will feel some tingling, like from a battery, but weaker. Now put them together, make an electric contact between the two metals. The result: much stronger tingling…

This means that if we close the circuit, the current starts to flow. In the previous case, when the circuit was ‘open’, the conducting body parts did close the circuit, and this caused much less current.

Maybe this is the cause of the closed-together electrodes of the original Blakoe Ring.

In this -shortcutted- state, we cannot measure the voltage, we should take apart the contact between the electrodes to insert a voltmeter, but in this same place we can measure the current also.

I made this version of Ball Zinger. The copper part is from a thin copper plate, the edges are curved back, every sharpness is elimited.
The zinc part is from an AAA battery (AA is larger, but this was enough also). Every edges are curved back, sharpness eliminated.
A thin wire is soldered to the plates, which connect the circuit. (I plan to make it disconnectable with some small electric shoe connector, so I would measure the parameters: voltage, current.)
I made holes to sew, sewed them to an elastic stripe, add some velcro in the according positions and start to use it.

I will report about the results.

Best regards,
GreatOrg, Hungary

PS: I could use some U.S. pennies, but these are very rare in Hungary… :-)

Wait wait wait.. What’s this Ballzinger thing do? How does it work? Will it make my balls hang more? I don’t want them hanging more, I prefer them to be tight.. And that’s still rare for me. Info please—- o.o


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