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Tips and PeniMaster.

Tips and PeniMaster.

Any good ideas on how to get a good grip? My PM often goes of my member…. I can not cut of the blood, but I would very much like the PeniMaster to stay for hours at a time…

Try to use plenty of talkum (baby powder) before each fitting, both around the base/balls and around the head/shaft, this really healps alot. You can also use surgial tape, bandage, a piece of cotton cloth, or a baby sock. Hope this is of some healp to you.



I use to use the Self Adhering Athletic Wrap. I could use each strip I cut for about a week, then I would get a new piece. I would pull some skin forward, and then wrap to give the PM some cushion when I would tighten it.

So, no more stretching the anal Langemann?

I am very tempted to suggest alternate stretching methods… but nevermind.

Have you considered making your own vacuum device attachment to replace the PMs strap? Since you already have the main rig, I think it would be possible to use the vacuum hanger from the SuckXtender.

regards, mgus

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