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Time x length

Time x length

Well, you guys are not going to discover anything new in this thread, I suppose. This is a thread about something that we all, in an implicit way, think when doing PE; but never (at least if I’ve well done my search) was putted in a clear and simple way.

I was thinking about that after reading (and posting in) this thread:

buby - Pound Per Minute Theory PPM

an excellent thread, I think, started by buby.

I think something near to a PE SCIENCE will born when the basic step of putting thing in math language will be done:no matter how little this step could be.

The buby's thread was the first step.But I think had a “genetic mistake”: thinking in terms of weight.

Anybody could do that error, due to the influence of two things:

a) weight-lifting science/practice;
b)Bib’s story.

So said, thinking in terms of weight and time is a mistake, because we are trying to make our penis not stronger, but longer and larger: so we have to choose, as basic variable, a measure of the length we are imposing to our penis, in the attempt to make it longer (girth is length as well, just circular length), instead of weight.

The basic hypothesis of this thread is :


I have some doubt that this sentence is well written in English, so feel free to correct. But I think most of you are getting the basic meaning.

Now, the coming questions are:

1.What “normal length” really means?
2.What’s the minimal additional length we have to use when PE to make our penis longer?
3.What’s the minimal time?
4.There is some degree of trade-off between time and length?

Here I want to start a brainstorming with all of you and some experiment to verify if we can get some empirically useful formula.

For now, I want to remark only one thing:

this hypothesis is simplest to verify than any other that was previously made about what we have to do for making our penis larger: no matter if you are clamping, stretching, hanging, pumping or whatever, you can compare your work and gains with others PEers.

In the next post, I’ll start to make some supposition about the point 1. listed above.

What does normal length mean? Well, the length you are comfortable showing off in the locker room. This would be normal to you.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thank you KP.

I don’t know if you are kiddying or saying seriously, however it’s not a bad answer.In fact this lead to the 1. point of my first post.

We can suppose that the length we have to go above to start gaining length is the FL. So, let’s say the minimum length to reach when PEing (let’s call it Working Length, if you like) is

FL + a

where “a” is a number little as you like (a millimeter, let’s say). Is this realistic? I see a problem here: FL is not constant, it vary so much that we should, prudentially, measure FL many times in the course of the day, and at least for one day a week for a month, to be sure that we are not choosing a WL not so short to be ineffective.

A more simple choice would be taking : WL= (FL + 1 inch).

At the other point of the spectrum, we can suppose that the only effective WL is equal to BPFSL, so


I bet most of guys think this second choice is better.
The problem, here is: you can’t allow your penis to stay in a BPFSL for a significant amount of time. Let’s elaborate a little:
if you do hanging, try measuring your BPFSL on the first set with the max weight you are using at the time. Then, measure again, when are doing the 2nd, 3rd and successive sets. Your BFSL is remaining the same, reducing or augmenting? I bet that, for most of you, BPFSL is reducing after the first set, but..hey, you tell me.

The same with extenders: if you start pulling the max length you can, at the time, reach on your extender, how long you can use it?

The second point is: after you have worked at your BPFSL, what happens to your FL? It’s longer, the same, shorter? I think for most happens that FL is shorter, but again:you tell me. This is relevant, because we started with this assumption:


So, if after a PE work FL is shorter than previously for a while, this should be a negative consequence; If FL is longer, this should be good; If is the same, this makes no difference in future gains - it’s just coherent with the assumption we are making, this doesn’t means that it’s true, but we have to verify an hypothesis at the time, in it’s simplest form.

Let’s stay on these two points for now:
A) how long one can stay at his BPFSL when PEing, despite the technique used, hanging/stretching/hanging or whatever else.

B) is your FL shorter/equal/longer than before PE work, and for how much time.

I’m waiting for your answers, guys!

a) I try to stay at that constantly throughout a hanging session. If not hanging, I’ll be wearing some golf weights in the 10 min break.

b) Longer. by about an inch. It works!

I think heat plays a big part in your theory and gains. You can stretch the flaccid more when heated. Then, if you keep it stretched and take away the heat, maaaybe add a pound or two, fatigue and gains occur. Rapidly!


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Thank for your reply, lostracco.

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