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Time to start new exercises?

Time to start new exercises?

Greetings all!

This is my introductory post. Before I ask my question, I just wanted to say that this community seems like a great place! I’ve been lurking about for just over a month or so now, and it has been very educational.

I started PEing just about a month ago now. I am interested particularly in gaining girth, as I am quite far down on the scale in that regard. (I’ll submit measurements if I start seeing some results, for the database-a-holics out there.) Length gains would be great too, of course!

My LOT is somewhere between 9:00 and 8:00, and my erection angle is probably above 11:00. (Almost straight up, really.) My routine as of right now is 2 days on, 1 day off of a hot wrap, followed by manual stretching for maybe 10-15 minutes, then 15-20 minutes of jelqing, some Uli’s, and a hot wrap to finish it off. The Uli’s were added a week or two ago because they seem like a good girth exercise, particularly for head girth. (My head tapers off, rather than widens from the shaft girth.) As for the stretching, I stretch in all directions right now, since my LOT seems to be about middle of the road. I’m open to any advice from the experts of course. I haven’t really experienced much of the “soreness” that people here have talked about the day after a workout, except for the very first session.

Okay.. we’re past the long-winded intro. On to my question. Since I want to gain girth, naturally I’m interested in the exercises people have been doing for gaining in that area, such as horses, 440s, Uli’s, etc. I haven’t read up on the “advanced” exercises yet, because I didn’t want to be tempted to try them before I was ready and cause damage to my little guy. ;-) Now that it’s been a month, am I ready to start working on these more advanced tricks?

I look forward to any advice, suggestions, questions, or words of encouragement from the group. Thanks in advance guys!


Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you have a good beginning routine there. Smart of you to break yourself in before trying the advanced stuff.

I would still start the advanced routines cautiously and work your way into longer times and more more aggressiveness but with that said, yes if you are looking for girth ulis and horse 440’s really seem to work.

This last month I started concentrating on girth much more. I still stretch, I dropped my jelqing down to about 200-300 a day (or every other day) but added 10 thirty second ulis (or a modification of them) and 10 thirty second 440’s (I break them up half in AM half in PM).

I have gained about 1/8th of an inch in the last month which is really a lot for me. I still want to wait another week and a half and take two days off to remeasure and make sure it has held, but I’ve never been at this mark before (it puts me at 5 1/4) I’m kind of stoked about it. I am a fairly slow but steady gainer. But this was a really big gain for me.

Also even though you’ve been at it a month BE CAREFUL!!! These exercises can be brutal. Sometimes feels like the tip of your dick is going to explode off.

If you haven’t done so already go to the tutorial section and read about them and if you are able to download them check out Gandolf’s videos on these.

Good luck and be careful.

Thanks for the reply, goingforit! I read up on DLD Blasters & Bends, and Horse 440s this morning, and watched Gandolf’s videos of course, and decided to add a few Horses to my routine. (Probably every other session to begin with, to see how it goes.) Erect bends seem like they could lead to problems down the road, so I’ll stay clear of those.

One concern I have in reading about the Horse 440s is some people were talking about permanent discoloration. Are there any good threads on the cause of this, and how best to avoid it? (And if it’s really permanent…?)

Thanks again for the help!

I haven’t noticed any discoloration. Then again I’ve only been doing this routine for a month or so.

I’ve read about discoloration with PE before but not 440’s in particular.

Did the thread you read mention the type of discoloration and where it was located? ie: on the head or shaft? Was it that the skin was getting darker or purple spots or what exactly?

I initially noticed (from PE in general) that the skin on my shaft was getting darker, especially when flaccid. I don’t really notice it now but I don’t know if it is because I’m used to it now, or if it resolved somewhat, or what.

There are threads regarding discoloration and some remedies. I never tried them because mine never bothered me that much, I never thought it was that bad.

If your not familiar with it yet you can do a search for a subject from the home page. I believe the search function is somewhere in the upper left portion of the page (I think).

Just type in “discoloration ” and I’m sure several threads will be pulled up.

Good luck and remember to take it slow with those advanced exercises.

This was the thread I was talking about.. look down for the post from “larry.”

Horse 440 Squeezes

The skin on my penis is already quite dark, so maybe this isn’t really much of a concern for me. Also, there is a darker, dirty looking ring of skin near the head which I don’t know the cause of, but it has always been there. I’ll have to look closely at others to see if they have the same type of thing.

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