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Tight foreskin

Tight foreskin

hi all guys,
how did the 2006 start for you?
here it is my first question for the new year:
i’m uncut in search for some length and i just started jelqs and stretchs, what i would also like to achieve is to loosen my foreskin a little as most of the times i need to pull it back manually when i need to use my penis.
any suggestion?



Hi Giovanni, your doctor may suggest you to cut your foreskin, but before you do such radically solution please consider to stretch your foreskin.

The foreskin is easy to stretch (as any skin tissue), you could take a cylindrical shaped object (maybe a pillbox…) lightly wider as your stretched foreskin, and insert it in such a way that the foreskin remains always with tension, soon will it be stretched.


I’ve found jelqing has had a good effect - as in I can now comfortably roll it back.

I’d be interested in any other methods.

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I had the same problem, the pill box works well, but jelqs are just as good. Mine has loosened up after some PE

DG -

Here’s a Google search for foreskin stretching that has several good links that might help with your problem.

Also, some of our members do not speak or read English as well as you. To help them we ask that those with good English skills write with correct capitalization and punctuation. Please start your sentences with an upper case letter and use “I” when referring to yourself (not “i”). Thanks!

Well I had somewhat of the same problem, but I found that the regular jelq/stretch combo, mixed with a little masturbation worked wonders.

Doesn’t really sound like a problem!

My foreskin doesnt roll back on its own when I get an erection either, but it is very easy to pull back when I want to have it back. I like being able to either wear my cap, or take it off when being erect.

I guess if it hurts to pull back you’d want to get it looser, but if it just does not naturally come back when you get hard and you have to pull it back yourself it is not really something you need, and I (personally) would want to change.

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