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Thundersplace becoming anti-woman?

wad - I can relate to your frustration given your current circumstances. I for one do not think you are anti-woman. We all ran with that thread, I see no need for you to justify yourself.

PC = Politically Correct

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I don’t know how things are in Sweden, but here in America it isn’t enough to make specific actions crimes, but now your words and even your motivations (thoughts!) are subject to criminal prosecution. Literally, “thought police.”

A biggie is how you refer to people. Often females will become offended by being referred to as “girls” (I know the context means a lot, I’ve said it affectionately to women friends in their 40’s & 50’s and they don’t mind), but some women even get offended by being called a “lady.” Seriously. I”ve seen that (she explained that it was a patronizing & sexist judgemental term).

And if you don’t bone up on the latest (approved) jargon and - God forbid! - make a slip with a reference term, the political correctness (PC) folks will swoop down on you and accuse you being a hateful, domineering, fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic pig - and then force you to desperately defend yourself & protest that you’re really, well…..a swell guy. Sensitive, guilt-ridden, apologetic…..etc.

This PC shit is really out of hand.
You know how you can have any ringer you like for differing things on your cell phone?
Well, I have Buckwheat from the Little Rascals saying “You is crazy Alfalfa” over and over again, like only he can.
That ringer only goes off if someone tries to call me while blocking their number, in other words if it says, “Private” or “Unavailable”
I put that ringer to any call that’s blocked because it’s a funny way of saying they are crazy for doing that if they think I’m going to answer when they’ve blocked their phone number.

So the other day I’m at work when I get one of these calls and this young, hot (25yr. old) black girl goes,
“Your so racist.”
I got really pissed, I was like, “What the hell are you talking about.”?
“Oh I know why you said that, you know who that is saying that and because Bill Cosby thinks the Little Rascals was racist, you think I am, because I have that as my ringer.”
I said, “Let me ask you little girl, you ever even seen an episode of the Little Rascals?
She says, “Noooo.”
I say, “Really wish I could show you a few episodes so you could decide for yourself, I really don’t think you would agree at all.
Then I go into explaining why I had made the connection to that ringer and someone calling me who had blocked their phone number.
I say. “Not only that, if I’m so racist how come at that party you and I went to, I bought you drinks all night and hung out with you ignoring the girl I brought.”? Now she starts smiling.
“You know the girl I brought with me, you know the one who ended up being my g/f has never let me live it down to this day.”
“To this day she reminds me of it.” “Oh and guess what, just the other day, she went into my cell phone asked if she could look at all the pics I have on my phone’s website, where they are all stored.”
“Guess who the only girl I have pics of is from here is.”? “That’s right…you.”
Even bigger smile now. “You still have those.”?
“Yep.” “I can tell you, my g/f she doesn’t think I’m racist at all.”
Finally I go, “Listen, I’m not stupid, I know why you really think I’m racist, because I started going out with her instead of you, the plain simple truth is, she’s the one who went home with me that night, not you, you were chicken.”
She says, “Well, if you would have tried harder.”
I’m like “Tried harder.”??? “Are you kidding.”???
“Girl, I diss the girl I bring to the party, hang out with you all night, buy you drinks all night, were laughing and dancing all night, I asked you to leave with me how many times and I should have tried harder.”???
She starts laughing and says, “Your right, I’ll have to make it up to you.”
I say, “Yea, and you can start right now, my neck is killing me.”
She starts massaging my neck and shoulders :)
Few minutes later she starts showing me pics on her cell phone of her in lingerie, they were form the waist up only,
but man she has huge, perfect tits.

Point is, your right on target Wad with having to defend yourself against PC police.

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Alrighty then, who can remember the name of the club that Spanky started, and Alfalfa got kicked out of? (EZ riders post got me on this kick, blame him)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Yup, that was it.

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DING DING DING we have a winner. I somehow felt it was appropriate for here, cause in some ways the threads in which you guys rant and rave about us women make me think of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. You really don’t hate us, you just aren’t to happy with us sometimes.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

no one could have said that any better then you just did… This guys, is why we need as many girls as possible here…


It looks like Wad’s thread has been deleted, I’m disappointed… I never got to read it. :cuss:

So far I’ve pieced this together:
Some doctor has some kind of attitude, Wad ends up fucking her and he gives it to her hard, causes her pain….

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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Originally Posted by Ramrod
I don’t know what’s crazier. Your rationale for choosing a particular ring, or the crazy-ass dialogue between you and your co-worker.

Never said I wasn’t crazy:-s
My rationale for that particular ringer to signal when someone is calling who has blocked their number is many-fold.
First I like the Little Rascals despite their racist, sexist views…lol
When I found that ringer it gave me a nostalgic “feel good” from back in the day when I used to be able to watch them. It was the only ringer from them I’ve ever heard and I wanted to use it, but not as my main ringer which
is a Van Halen song. So I had a choice to assign it to just one person or to use it for “private calls” I chose private calls, because even what Buckwheat was saying “You is crazy Alfalfa” applied (sort of an inside joke with myself if you will) as if he was saying it to the person calling, even though of course they can’t hear it. Lastly, I knew others hearing it would immediately recognize who it was sparking off a conversation about old TV shows and such and it has many times. This was the only time anyone had ever equated it with being racist which I thought was just plain ludicrous.

As far as the conversation between myself and my co-worker I can’t figure out what was so crazy about it and anytime a conversation with a woman ends with a massage and pics of her in lingerie, well, I wish all my conversations with women ended this way…crazy or not.

The He-Man Women Hater’s Club, that episode was great.
Poor Alfalfa, poor poor Alfalfa, his love for Darla (I think that was her name) was just too great.

I would just like to meet a chick that has pictures of herself half dressed on her cell phone.

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I’ve met girls with fully naked pics on their cell… well actually just one. ;)

PS: She likes it in the bum too RWG. :rear:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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