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Thundersplace becoming anti-woman?

Never intended the term to be in any way against females, especially the female members here who IMHO rate as good as it gets. More then likely a poor choice of words to describe something I encountered in person as well as seeing examples of it on the net. I would say everyone here would agree that excessive weight carried in the front of the body on a man will SHORTEN his NBPEL. Well, when a woman carries her weight in the front of her body it simply causes vagina enlargement. Pretty simple stuff given my controlled baloon experiement.

As some may have noticed I have quit using the term because I greatly respect Anna, DW and the rest of the female members. I grew up on a farm and worked around cows, sheep and pigs so I simply equated what I could see in my daily life. I’ve heard girls use terms like “Horse Cock” & “Needle Dick” as everyone has.

In the Military I was exposed to many women I would describe as size queens, they tended to hang out at the EM Club on post. The loudest of these queens would have obvious frontal gullets causing enlargement of the Vagina, thus they needed “more” and were open about it. Mind you they didn’t say why they needed big cock but with my experience working on a Dairy Farm I quickly figured it out..

I know I’ve heard Janet Jackson’s name mentioned before as a size queen and I would believe it. Look back at some of her older pictures and see what I’ve been preaching all along (yeah, she was packing frontal gullet).

Peace to all.


I don’t believe this place is anti-woman. The female members here are always treated respectfully & attentively. Obviously, this forum is directed towards men. Men communicate in certain ways with each other. You could accuse a locker room of being anti-woman, a men’s softball team when they get drunk, etc.

Just pick up any one of the women’s mags out there and you’ll find plenty of male bashing. All of my life I had mostly female relatives around me, and I constantly heard what “dogs” men are. I’ve simply pointed out my epiphany when I learn how many rancid “pigs” are out there - in skirts.

I think the women in this forum are cool & interesting - and try to be helpful as much as possible, for beings who lack that which we attempt to enlarge. But I think its unfair to suggest that this forum is anti-woman. I’m sure that some of my recent threads would be perceived that way.

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
“Welcome to the New Boy’s Club, ladies & gents. Set aside your political correctness at the door…”


As much as the PC advocates try to promote their agenda, PC will never have anything to do with good, old fashioned politeness.


You know how when you read many of a poster’s threads you can get a general impression of their personality? Well, while I understand the concern over OneHungLo’s choice of words, I see him continuously having to defend himself and I for one think it’s time to take him at his word for what he meant, because my general impression of him for the time he has been here is he does not look to cause trouble. OneHungLo has seemed like a good guy to me, and I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Time to move on.

If we type enough we’re bound to offend someone, count on that. I know for a fact that I’ve offended in the past at Thunder’s (unintentionally), and so I’m trying to curtail my talk somewhat on a couple of things because I understand how sore a subject it represents for them. I think they tolerate my occasional mumblings about it from time to time, because they do know me well enough now to know I mean no harm and where I’m coming from. However, it still remains a sore subject, and many others may not have come to better know me and then it creates an unhappy environment, so I’ve tried to tone down and consider more about it’s impact before I type.

Thank you, Beenthere, OneHungLo is a victim of mob hysteria. The sort of mob thinking that says “Let’s all go and burn his house down” and tries to justify it afterwards.

I can’t find anything in Onehunglo’s posts to justify the amount of criticism he has endured.

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Interesting thread.

I’m more in a changed situation more than being put off by the things that have been said around the forum.

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Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Oh BTW, Flower that is a hot avatar. Just something about a woman using a smokin avatar.

Speaking of women using hot avatars, have you seen Anna’s lately? Woohoo! ;)

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

If that is a pic of Anna in her atavar, then she has the type of look that says to a man “treat me right and I’ll never let you down”. In other words she has character. In men or women there is no greater quality.

Oh and yes, she is hot as well!:)

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Thanks everyone for responding, especially the ladies :) . Again, I’m not advocating any structural changes around here, and I’m not suggesting anybody reign in his brutal honesty or creativity. Those are the things that make this place great!

Let’s just not let Thunder’s deteriorate into a haven for woman haters. I’m sure Andrew Dice Clay has a forum for that.

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I believe a huge majority of the members here are absolutely crazy about girls, and not just in a sexual way. We all know that without women we would be lost. Sure, there are times when we are pissed off and need to vent, but we all know we can’t live with out them. We don’t want to live without them. We love them.

Sometimes we interpret things differently. When I see a really hot chick in an avatar or a pic, I don’t think “Now there is a girl that is being disrepected.” If I had a super hot body and my pic was all over the place I would be quite thrilled about it. Also, we need to understand these girls are posing for these pics. This tells me they like it as much as we do.

As far as the rape stories, I hate that. I don’t like reading about it, especially if there is much detail. I can only imagine the feelings I would go thru if I were raped by another man. This is about the only taboo topic for me (along with my new taboo of saying select words that start with G).

On the other hand, if I were seduced by a hot chick, I might have just the opposite feelings.

I don’t see Thunder’s as anti-woman at all. I don’t see it going that direction. At times there will be more active posts about love gone bad, but thats the nature of chaos (random events).

Thunder’s is a teaching forum and we learn about life just as much as we learn about PE. I learned a valuable lesson this week. I hope I never stop learning.


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The question has been raised now, it will change things by itself. I have made some questionable posts also on this issue now that you put the flashlight on it. Everything is questionable on second thought.


That’s my hope exactly. I think the problem of woman hating was minor, maybe imperceptible or even imagined. But now that attention has been drawn to it, chances are slimmer that it will get out of control.

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Modesto, this was a good discussion. I think the Women members here at Thunders, are adored, I equate them to Rock Stars.

cead mile failte :lep:

I posted an article about a woman that gave birth to a 17# baby and titled it “talk about c__ p____.” Nothing disrespectful meant to women, just describing the amount of stretching that had to have taken place. I noticed that the thread had disappeared but really didn’t know what to say. If it offended anyone, I am sorry. I just couldn’t believe the size of the baby.

All of this PC crap these days is over done. I believe that we should be respectful to all in our every day dealings, but there will always be someone that will find something offensive. If that means that I can’t call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, then I will offend people every time. It all comes down to accepting who you are and what you believe to be correct. The ones that really push PC are a scary lot to me. They want to control our thoughts and actions and conform them to their beliefs. That will never happen in my lifetime. I will always try to deal with respect and decency, but will not abandon who I am.

As for women, sure they can be a pain in the butt. So can men. I love my wife and daughter and would gladly die defending them. That doesn’t change the fact that my wife can raise my blood pressure like no other. I wouldn’t trade her for anything or anybody else. She is also the source of my greatest joys. So if I ever post anything(which some of you would think was bashing)about my wife or women, before you get all up in a fuss, remember the rest of the story.

As a sidenote, I have been called a jackass(I just considered the source)and didn’t find it offensive and sometimes I took it as a compliment. I saw the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” and was not offended. I have heard the white men little dick comments and survived. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.



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