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Thundersplace becoming anti-woman?

Ha ha. I never thought of my avatars as cross dressing.
I’ve never been into cross dressing in real life, so I don’t think the association with me as my avatar applies. LOL
I do it from the perspective of posting a beautiful flower. :)

When I wish for sounds from a woman, I’m speaking about sounds that I think represent she is extremely turned on. I think moaning, gasping, etc are good things usually. Perhaps I may cross the line a bit in wanting grunting , because maybe there could be pain involved in that. In Wad’s post, she was grunting and she was in pain, and didn’t enjoy it. I’ve overheard grunting and in those cases sounded like she was extremely turned on, but I have heard it where she sounded more in pain than pleasure, so it’s not always a good thing. When I crave sounds, the bottom line is I want her to want more sex, and to consider it the best sex she has ever had. Women like Beyonce sing about “hurt me so good” and it makes me think a very mild level of pain is perhaps an ok thing for some women, but maybe it’s just her way of singing about a big dick. I love women, and have always treated them good in real life.

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Originally Posted by xlmagnum
Weren’t you the one who caused all that controversy yesterday witht the word “ghey”? I know you say it doesn’t mean “gay”, but if I were to coin the phrase OneHungLo to be equivalent to a loser with a tiny dick, even though I’m not directing it towards you, but everyone picked up on it and refered to losers with tiny dicks as OneHungLo’s. They aren’t saying you’re a loser with a tiny dick, nor am I. But that doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t make you feel good, would it?

My point exactly. I had absolutely no intentions of causing a contoversy with the poll. I was simply pointing out that the subject line of the post should be a little more descriptive. Also, gay did used to mean ” Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry,” did it not? And regardless of what your definition is, it is also used to mean ‘silly’ in some circles. Why does it always have to mean homosexual to some people?

If you were to coin the phrase OneHungLo to be equivalent to a loser with a tiny dick, then it would be directed towards me as my nic is OneHungLo. It would seem that I have unintentionally climbed right up your ass. Or am I wrong about that, too?

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I think the misogyny that you are seeing is more of a directed dislike towards a particular sub-set of women rather than women in general.

I don’t recall seeing any thread or post that had a go at women in general, just the particular woman/women that caused a particular member to feel like shit, and speaking harshly of them in these cases I think is perfectly acceptable, just like people complain and speak harshly of government or business that have done them wrong or any other person(s).

We are all human and hence prone to feel both hate and love.

The revenge type talk is also OK I think, even if it’s gender specific. I mean, if you hated a particularly fat man, you would probably be inclined to include something about his overweightness in your revenge plan yeah? Like “I will grab him by his man-boobs” or “sit on his fat belly” or something… Similarly, if you hated yoda you might be inclined to say “I’ll pick that pipsqueek up by his big pointy ears…”. This is not aimed directly at yoda’s race or gender or anything else, just him in particular, specifically…

When members talk of how they will get their revenge fuck, they are basically just blowing steam. In most cases it will never happen, and in any case, it does not mean that they will go around doing it to everyone they meet.


Speak up when you think something is misogynistic. In any given case, there are probably many other guys who agree, but who are all scared to be the first to say something.

Productive discussions can result: witness, in BBS’s diary, the recent extended discussion about whether women want to be abused.

- PG

When a thread offends me, I stop following it. They’re entitled!!


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Can anyone direct me to Wad’s thread, I’m really curious now and want to know what it’s all about.

I haven’t been offended yet, even when I read Rymdrattan’s little “sibling adventure” lol. People can do and say what they want as far as I’m concerned,
if they say something you disagree with, then let them know.(Though this forum must have it’s rules of course, or it would be chaos.)

The only thing that would bother me would be misinformation about PE that could cause someone to hurt themself.(even if they may be dumb)

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
But maybe us young guys need you older guys around our serious raunch to learn from your experience.

One thing I really enjoy about Thunder’s being 23, is that here I am talking with men of all ages whom in regular life I may not have a chance to talk to about all the stuff we talk about here. I get to learn from men who are married, who have been married for many years, divorced, have kids, or are long time players etc.


Thunder is only 23? You could have fooled me. :D :
Seriously, the reverse is also true. There is so much I can learn from the men two generations my junior. Some are quite wise. I don’t mean wise-assed, I mean wise. Some also have fewer hangups than many of the older guys, so they have a lot to teach us. It works both ways.

I like the mix here of age, sex, sexual preference, etc. I’ve learned so much since I arrived here. I’m not sure if forums based on one’s age, sex, etc. is such a good idea. I wouldn’t change anything. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Great thread!!

Also, gay did used to mean ” Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry,” did it not? And regardless of what your definition is, it is also used to mean ‘silly’ in some circles. Why does it always have to mean homosexual to some people?

Yes, but when ‘gay’ is used to dismiss something as ‘silly’ or ‘not good’, it is always referring to the usage of ‘gay’ as ‘homosexual’.

It is highly ingenuous, not to mention far-fetched, to expect anyone to believe that people are referring to ‘a cheerful or light hearted merriment’ when they are putting something down, by calling it ‘gay’.

Changing the spelling is fooling no-one.

I dont think it’s as much an age factor as a hard core raunch factor.

cead mile failte :lep:

I don’t think we have a problem with sexists here. Since I’ve first joined this forum, I’ve noticed that we may have a wave of threads that don’t have anything particularly nice to say about females (having participated in them myself), but I think this is more a reflection of a negative attitude toward a specific woman, or, perhaps more accurately, a specific type of woman. It very well may be that at times it seems that some posters may be generalizing with his/her discrimination; however, I think this is not a ‘more often than not’ situation.

Just as there are men and types of men who well deserve to be trashed, there are similar women. This is primarily a men’s forum, and it should be expected that we’ll vent our frustration about this or that experience, this or that woman, or this or that type of woman. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of my post, these threads seem to come and go in waves, never leaving anything particularly sour in their wake.

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Still no female respondents. Hmmm.

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Originally Posted by supersizeit

Dammm Captn my brother, I love you man!

You are my mathematical genius brother from another mother! :up:

I’ve been away too long. I finally have the alligators chomp in at my ass asleep and to be honest, I just read this entire post.

Is Thunders becoming anti-woman, no it isn’t. There are threads that the gentleman vents, gripes, bitches, complains about something a woman has done to him, I expect that here. There are members here yes, who do not believe that a woman should be on a penis enlargement forum, that is their problem not mine. If I start to read a thread and it does offend me, I one, stop reading it, and two, if its really bad, report it. That is what we do here, its like watching TV, you don’t like what’s on, change the flippin channel. Does the term cow pussy bother me, sorta, but I do understand what they mean. Face it fellas, there are some vagina’s out there that I don’t care how big you are you won’t fill them. They are in the minority, more than common place. What gets to me most frequently is that the poster makes it sound like ALL women are a certain way, like in the threads on how women like to be treated like trash. I have responded a couple of times, just because it did make me irritable ;) . Threads on the subject of rape, I stay out of completely as no woman ever wants to be raped, period end of discussion. There is no action more intent on proving power than rape.

I do have one observation however, that while this is predominately a male forum, we do have other ladies besides myself here, and if we want to vent about something a guy did to us, or how a guy made us feel, sometimes the responses aren’t as supportive as they are with “my gf told me her ex had a bigger cock”. We all need to support one another no matter what the gripe or complaint. Sometimes words of comfort make all the difference in the world.

And as Supersizeit said earlier on in this thread, I can kick some serious ass when I need to :D . I don’t like to do that, sometimes it is necessary.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hello guys!! Well, I guess I thought I would chime in with my two cents, lol. I personally have not come across anything here that I have found offensive, insulting, degrading or the like. This was a place that I joined fully expecting to “hear” topics that are not common among the conversations you over hear everyday. The majority population consists of men here and I expected “tougher” topics. But rest assured, the few women that are here at Thunder’s aren’t naive in anyway (I think that’s what makes us unique). We’re mature women (and I don’t mean to pat myself on the back here) and I think we handle all the topics with absolute respect, no matter what they are. Many of the men here have been through hell and back in relationships and have felt comfortable enough to open up about it and share it. It doesn’t matter if it’s concerning a night of insane anal sex with a doctor (hehe) or someone sharing the hell they’ve been through with a woman. The fact alone that people feel comfortable enough to share these things with us says a lot, we’re friends, a family of a sort…

In an earlier post in this thread, someone stated that they could simply not read something they found to be insulting (sorry if I used the wrong word there), I agree with that 100%. If at ever any time we don’t like something, we have the choice to look away, cover our ears, and speak nothing of it. That simply is our choice.

In the year and a few months that I have been here, I have laughed a thousand times, been pissed off at a lot of things that have been done by some members (all former), and simply sat in awe over something I have read. Most of all, I have learned!!


Originally Posted by sunshinekid
Is Thunders becoming anti-woman, no it isn’t.

Thank you Sunny!!


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