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Thunders is slow.


Usually I can just run through the entire forum without any “slow motion” action, and I can type and see the words as I type. But like now, the cursor is moving, but the words don’t appear until I stop typing for about 5 seconds after. And scrolling up and down is now going in slow motion. Kind of annoying, but not enough to drive me insane. Yet. Real Time maneuvering is pretty much non existent over here.

I tried doing a traceroute last month, but security over here wicked. Won’t even get past the 2nd or 3rd line. Maybe it’s just my server. Everyone’s probably downloading porn and music, clogging up the bandwidth.

>>Thunder may be all powerful (bow down to lord Thunder almighty) but I doubt he can fix your Internet connection.

If I could do that, I would have fixed mine first, which at the moment is running slower than a dialup.

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Thunder check out PC Pitstop. Get a free diagnostic check on your Internet connection. Its a good site to figure out what needs tuning up.


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