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Thunder's Hall of Fame

Ok, if anyone can nominate, I guess that inculdes me.

My choices are: Bib, lil12big1, Phat9, Avocet8, Luvaduds, Cajun, and several others whose names escape my poor befuddled brain right now.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks Sunny.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but

Maybe you are a bit “biased” on me.


Seriously, no HOF would be complete without Tom Hubbard. Bib and Tom are at the top of the
list. And no one has mentioned Thunder? I think Japp would be on a list too. Everyone else
seems qualified. I saw one “name” I would not nominate but I’ll not get into that can of worms.

See ya Sunny

So what is this, says a nominee who doesn’t see the point. The PE Academy Awards?

I do this for me. And I do this for some of you to pay dues to guys who moved me along in good directions when I started PE and didn’t know squat.

imo, there is not a poll possibility here large enough to include all the good men and women who contribute over, and over, and over.

If you need poll space, drop me. I get an Oscar every time I look at what I am and consider what I was. Don’t need the gold, thanks. I live the gold nowadays. And that is my reward.

Love you all; mean it, at least in the sense of the phrase. But A8 declines the nomination.



I don’t think you can decline the nominations.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

One of the “problems” with a hall of fame is that the newer the guy or the gal the more votes they´re bound to get, with the exceptions of those still active today.

I don´t recognize all the names and some that I do recognize I haven´t seen for quite some time.

The nominees also have a lot of different skills and qualities, so it´s hard to make any kind of comparrison, to me at least. I couldn´t even make a top 5 in my head, much less type one down.

And I don´t think you need to worry Bigger, that Thunder wasn´t mentioned more is only because it´s his place, I´m sure. That would be like handing the nobel prize to Alfred Nobel.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

I thought this idea was a Thunder's Place hall of fame?

Was Uli ever a member here? Or any of those other guys who I’ve only heard of in story books and exercise names??

It doesn’t look like Uli was a member, but Pan and Horse440 certainly are.


There is no replacement for displacement


>My name is on the building so I am disqualified.<

So is mine. That graffiti on the west wall that says:

“SS4 woz ere 2001”

It’s time to own up and admit it. It was me I did it…..

I dont think you are automatically disqualified, I think you are automatically qualified.


I don’t know if his name was already mentioned, since there were so many posts and I’ve forgotten all of them already, but when I started off here, Guiri was the person who really took the time to answer all my questions. Rather than put in a whole list, I’m going to nominate the guy who showed some personal commitment to helping me get started.

Guiri’s my pick.

I would definately vote DLD #1 followed by his good buddy jazz #2 to the PE Hall of Fame.

I respect and admire the guys like Dino, Yguy, PEforreal, and Jmeister but these guys are just too slow on their gains compared to the great DLD. DLD doubled his size in less than two years. If he keeps going at this rate he’ll have an elephant dick by 2007.

I smell a troll.

I smell irony

The art of conversation is not a martial art


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