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Thunder do you PE?


Linux reads them too on occasion, but in your environment if they run in a central part of that with you?

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Thunder version 2.1 had bugs and we had to upgrade to what you see now version 3.0. The first thunder 1.0 was a dos based program and it was very limited but ran forever. I remember thunder version 1.7 the first windows version shit what a pain that was talk about blue screens and fatal errors. We had to cut out the PE part of his program it was eating up to much of his CPU time.

And don’t forget all of those portability issues with 2.1. It ran on Windows, but inconsistently with Mac OS IX. If you were running Linux, you couldn’t also be running an email server. And 1.7 conflicted with most of the popular anti-virus software. You’re right, it was a real pain in the ass.

Remember when we tried to speed up the Thunder’s Spell Correct subroutine? We coded some modules in assembly, but that made the portability issues even worse. Shit, I thought we were going to give up on the whole Thunder’s shit; thank God (and the folks at Sun Microsystems) for cross-platform Java.

Also, I haven’t received my last two paychecks - I don’t know if that’s your fault Dino, or twat’s or memento’s. Whatever. It’s held up the progress of migrating the ThunderWare to C# for the .NET platform. The longer you hold out, the longer this project will be delayed.

P.S., I really need the money (magnum-sized condoms cost more).

Originally Posted by wadzilla
P.S., I really need the money (magnum-sized condoms cost more).

rofl bro, if there is such a thing as a non gay love over the internet for a guy who constantly makes me laugh, then I think I have it for you.

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