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Thrombosed vein VS Increased veinage

Thrombosed vein VS Increased veinage

Hey guys lately I have been observing 2 enlarged veins on the side of my penis near the base (right around the area where I start my OK grip when I jelq). Now these veins are defiantly more prominent then they were, and kind of stands out when I jelq and when my penis is erect, they do not cause any pain or discomfort and one vein seems to have a very slight bump on it, I am not 100% sure if it’s the vein or the skin itself, (perhaps a blemish of some sort.) Once the erection goes down and I stop jelqing the veins disappear almost completely, but I would say that still stand out more then they used to.

In any case, the question is how do I differentiate between an increased veinage, a “good” side effect of PE VS Thrombosed vein, bad side effect of PE.

Perhaps I am just being a hypochondriac, but it kinda bothers me a bit, and I would like to put my mind at ease.

Another thing I noticed today after my jelqing session, a bunch or small red dots underneath the glans, (Can not be herpes, even though looks a lot like it, I wasn’t sexually active with any new partners in quite some time) they feel kind of itchy too. I read a few threads before reporting such a thing and would just like to hear some confirmation that it’s ok and going to leave on its own soon.

Thanx for all the comments and contributions to this thread.

If the new veins feel solid and hard sort of like rubber, and hurt, then you might have thrombosed vein, if not I wouldn’t worry about it, you can find more information on them if you use the search option instead of relying on my limited knowledge, but if you think you do have one, stop PEing until it is completely gone. If not then enjoy a veinier cock. The red dots are nothing, I get them fairly often and never think anything of them, just superficial blood vessels or something like that, maybe don’t hold as hard and they won’t appear, although there is no danger in it. The itchiness is probably nothing, maybe related to the lubricant you use in jelqing? I wouldn’t worry.

The red dots are no big deal and they are a sign of a newbie (no offense) to PE. They will go away in time as your dick becomes conditioned to the new excersizes you are trying. The same thing with the dots on the glans happend to me months ago a few times and never came back which I suspect is for the reason I stated above.

As far as what the title of this thread is asking I believe through my personal expierence and knowledge of PE that as long as the veins you are talking about are not really stiff/hard feeling, kind of like a callus feeling on your hands or feet, then you are ok and it is a good PI (positive indicator) that you are successfully enlarging your veins without terribly damaging your plumbming system in your dick so you can have good blood flow. Also the slight bump you report on makes me wary and wonder if you are doing Horse440’s, ULI, or jelq squeeze girth excersizes to soon in your routine. I have personally expierneced first hand the danger of incorperating advanced squeezes to soon into your routine when you haven;’rt jelqed normally (not erect!) for a month or two and the overtrainging that that ensues. The slight bump could be a sign of overtraining from too much jelqing or squeezing and a period of less intense PE for a week or two mighrt be needed.

I probaly should have took a decondition break when I noticed a slight raised bump on one of my veins but throyght some expierementation and oberservation and much reading with some light PE activitry for a few weeks, I came through and have no raised bumps anymore and everything there has completlky healed. Believe me in PE your trying to find just that right sweet spot for you alone where you know exacrtly how your dick behanves from anaylizing and watching how it behaves when you PE certain ways day by day so you DON’T OVERTRAIN your dick!

Hope my expierence helps you understand a little more.

I have been dealing with the same “new raised vein bump” scare this week as well. Mine is also not hard, just visible where nothing was visible before. I would also be interested in any others input on this matter. I guess it is better to be overcautious and take time off, but I also do not want to take a long break every time there is a slight change in appearance. It is a difficult balance.

The only time to worry with increased veinage is if one becomes inflammed and/or painful.

It is not unusual for there to be little bumps and irregularities in penis shaft arteries and veins.



Ok I guess the $64,000 question is: Are thrombosed vains painfull???

I do not experience any discomfort while jelqing, so does that give me grounds to assume that i am OK, even though my veins look bigger/puffier

I would like to know the consensus to this question myself. I defiantly have had a thrombosed vein before, that has since disappeared, which was not painful, just unsettling.

After a month of steady PE and then shaving off my pubes, I was *shocked* to see these two monster arteries on either side of my dick at the base. And no, *vein* does NOT describe the menacing pump of these two fuckers. I was deffinietly not veiny before in the dick department but was always very vascular in other parts of my body. Now with PE, my dick seems to be catching up. These hummers only go down my dick about an inch before dissappearing into the meatus but they are *monsters*. I could easily see how these could frighten you a little. They kind of did me, but after careful consideration and probing they tested out as 100% healthy tissues- sure, they’re a little hard, but only hard in the way that your corotid artery is hard i.e. it’s chock full of rushing blood. Remember, chock full of rushing blood, under pressure, and in a healthy stiffie is going to feel a little hard! There should be no pain and they should be totally pliable to prodding/ touch. If yours fit this bill then pat yourself on the back- I’ts WORKING!!!!

As far as the other shit I agree with what everyone else is saying. Been there, had that. Back off a little though if you’re getting the red spots every single time- that just seems like overworking to me. Someone around here is fond of saying that we should “tease the gains out”. I think it’s a hell of a thing to keep in mind. I don’t want a beat up, sad sack, overbronzed unit when I’m done with this and I’m sure you don’t either. Be patient. Be newbie. Ease that dick out of it’s shell!

If the red spots are itchy, then it`s balano-prostatitis, or something like that. It`s an inflamation of the urethral duct( I think) . I had them after a month of PE. I thought they were the dots that appear after jelqing, but I was dead wrong. I had to go to the doc, and prescribed me a cream. If you feel the dots are very very itchy and you have to scratch its not ok.

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