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three of the old timers back in just a few weeks



It’s been awhile since I posted…and unfortunately a move and a new job have left precious little time for PE. However, I am resolved to get back into it, and in 6 months plan to start hanging about an hour a day (I can multitask and take care of bills and stuff that way easier).

AI stretching seems to be an interesting new direction…


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL


Can’t find my spec’s, where the hell is that walker of mine. Oh Dam I forgot to take the bib hanger off again 2nd time this week I went out with a 10 pound weight hanging from my mule,,,,,,,,,,,huh what you say thunder,,,,,,speak up you know I need a battery for my hearing aid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dam thunders just muttering to himself again,,,,,nurse can you change thunders depends!…………………………………… …….OLD TIMERS HUH!


yes grasshopper......

My two cents worth, how about ‘practising experts’ (note the abreviation) While these guys pondering their long and lengthy exploits, Could us lesser practitioners enquire as to the actual gains they have made in the last 3+ years…. they must have a broad and full grasp, on the subject by now. ( all puns intended but I do make my apologies)


You guys always crack me up….I take the “old timer” definitely as a compliment as I continue to soak up as much PE knowledge as I can. I do feel I have a grasp on what’s going on, the essentials so to speak.

But more importantly, I have a huge fire inside of me. Before I would just gather information. I realized I had a large knowledge of PE info but no large gains to go with it. There comes a time when you have to log off and put the hanger on, or whatever your routine. (Just DO IT) Now, I am applying it and putting it to use. You have to want it….And damn it, now more than ever I want it, and will not stop until I get it. I am hanging like a mad man. That’s how it is. Some might say its overboard, but that goes along with my personality….It’s has been and always will be either all or nothing for me. I can’t go half way.

Anyways, I am making great strides and will measure at the end of the month. I’m back baby!!

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Not getting older. just longer

I remember all of the above characters. They were most helpful to me. I am going on three years of PE. Not a big gainer, but slow and steady.

I did stop, think, and evaluate my gains recently, I am happy. I noticed, that I have a totally different dick now. Duh! I am just under 7 by 5.2 NBP. I started at 5.6 by 4.8. I had an early thrombose which slowed me down— purposefully…Careful guys.

I am the guy who has the high testosterone (1000+) feels great, but had some marital problems. which are just now starting to improve. Funny, my problems started with PE and an excercise program—which has been a real success. I think I must have been sending a different signal to my wife. WHich she reacted negatively to.

The PE thing has been good for me, but lets face it, it is a pretty selfish use of time. I have cut back recently, but still PE a few days a week. I am experimenting with more time off.,,,I will let you know. Plateaus make no sense to me.

I do use the BIB hanger , (thanks to bib for his excellent invention and thoughtfulness. I have not been jelqing for a year or so but intend to try the more erect jelq for girth. I think length is nice, but girth is definately a better thing. Good luck to all of you. Remember, it is love we are looking for, great casual sex is just nice.


Speak for yourself, man :) I am looking for great casual sex right now, had enough of being in love for a while :)

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From: 'Happy Gilmore'


>>The PE thing has been good for me, but lets face it, it is a pretty selfish use of time. >>

I don’t see it that way. I feel that I am improving myself. I have always supported the wife when she wanted to do something to improve herself. Spent thousands on weight loss programs and liposuction. I allowed her to spend this money on herself, for herself - It wasn’t I pushing her. Haven’t you supported your wife in her self improvement efforts/goals? It would only seem fair that you could expect the same and have no need of guilt about it unless the time involved is unreasonable.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hey luvdadus

Is that your dick your messing with in your picture?


Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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