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Thread rating

Thread rating


At the very bottom of every post is a thread rating drop down menu. If you read a good thread, or a not so good thread, rate it. If this forum gets busy, it will help people to find the better posts.

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Hoe does a rating apply? Is a thread given an average of the ratings entered, and does this translate to stars? So 5 stars is very good, and very bad? 1 = worst, but does that equivilate to 1 star?


So does that mean we should rate every thread? If not, unrated threads would have no stars, just like an average thread that no one has rated, if you get my drift.


I say if you have a extra second rate the post when you are done reading it, that simple.


I like the idea of rating, but I wonder how many people would actually participate. Maybe like Thunder said, we should make an effort to give high ratings to the great posts.


I’ll start rating whenever I read a good post

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Alternatively, could you apply an algorithm that would rate a thread by how many responses it received? It would need to be weighted such that a thread with a large number of responses from a diversity of members, i.e. not just one or two, would be rated highest.

I don’t think we have any bad threads on here, since the potential ones get weeded out before they ferment completely, so what this method would express is level of interest. Is a high level of interest the main criterion for a high rating? It makes more sense to me than WORST…BEST, which is pretty subjective. Also, worst and best - these apply to a time frame - like worst/best for last week. What if something comes along next week that’s better than last week’s best <g>? This is getting ridiculous, so I’ll stop.

My 2c.



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Hey Tex,

That sounds like math to me, and hard work. I was thinking more on the lines of personal opinion. If you think a thread has merit and others would benefit by reading it, give it a rating. If not, don’t bother.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

There are countless terrific posts here that never get rated. And some with 5 stars that may deserve a few less. Members tend star a post on a subject that speaks especially to their own agendas or concerns and which may be of little interest to the majority.

When I see stars I don’t necessarily assume there’s a super post under them, but that’s just the way I read here.



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