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Thread rating help needed !!


Um, didn’t think of that. I have a myopic posting policy.

And a fine job of bitching you do too :)

Certainly keep me on my toes :) And give me reminders to do ratings.

btw I’ve finished 15 pages of main members forum now, so only another 39 pages to go if people stop posting. I do wonder if I’m going faster than people are managing to post though.

now finished the 24th page of main, so only another 31 pages to go. I have decided to call this half way :)

If everyone could stop posting please, that would help ;)

true :D

keep up the good work people ;)

I’m beginning to hate this 4 minute pause between posts. does it have to be quite so long?

No. If I’m involved in more than one thread at a time it happens all the time I get a box saying the administrator has only allowed one post every 240 seconds, I then wait 30 seconds and try again (and again).

thanks :) but now I’ve just hit that limit :(

should I learn to type with one finger?

lol. yep either of those would slow me down, that keyboard is too weird :D

Thanks for the help.


Finished rating the main member forum, finally. Once a few more people have done it, we have a best posts forum :)

Any more volunteers ?

Clicking on the rating column will bring up 2.5 pages of 5 star threads. Check them out. If that must see thread isn’t there maybe you should add a vote (if only for the thread you want). And likewise if you see something that you don’t think fits, you could rate it lower.

If you don’t see all 59 (currently) pages of the forum listed you’ll need to click on the view ‘from the beginning’ drop down or change your settings in the user cp, before clicking on the rating column.

If you’re willing to go through and rate some of the threads it might be worth ordering the threads by current rating, that’ll at least stop you reading the off topic stuff. You’ll be reading some pretty cool stuff :)

Paging Mr Thunder.


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