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Those who've been stretching for over a year consistently

There’s got to be a couple applicable to this thread. I’m still at it and since switching for long times, twice a day doing only one stretch I always feel achyness in the ligaments. Which I consider to be a very good sign!

I have done stretches straight out, down and to each side, and straight up. In addition, I do Fowfers (which is basically a stretch). I hold stretches for at least 30 seconds up to 120 seconds, except for the Fowfers which may be up to 30 minutes.

More recently I have tried some bundled stretches (with one 360 degree twist) and various fulcrum stretches such as “tunica tugs” (stretching upwards while using the web between the first and second fingers to press downwards at the base) or using the web between the thumb and index finger as a fulcrum to do “V stretches” applying the fulcrum point at various positions along the shaft.

I tried JAI stretches but it seems to me that it rhythmic, short durations stretches were that helpful, that benefit would be achieved with jelqing straight down (which I do).

I also do semi-erect “plump bends” with some stretching, and two-handed “segmental stretching”. I can’t really say what has been most beneficial but I have a gut feeling that stretching for longer durations is more effective. I also used to have a slight downward “n curve” and a mild curve to the left. After stretching and jelqing against these curves, I have just about eliminated the “n curve” and may be starting to develop a “v curve”. I still have a mild curve to the left, but it is less than before.

I have also done some hanging off and on.

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