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This question may not sound serious but it is


Another thing for RB

What kind of exercises/stretches did you do primarily at work to gain 3” in a year or so?

She knew something was going on, I told her I had wished on a star :) , then told her that I found some exercises that where supposed to make your dick bigger and they apparently were working, this is when I got the required “your fine how you are”, but I forged on.

You have to understand my wife. She is not comfortable talking about sexual matters (strict catholic upbringing), but she hasn’t told me to stop :)

I got the majority of gains from dry jelqing (do a search her, I posted how I do it somewhere) and basic girth squeezes.

As I was reading over these posts I wondered how & when I would tell my wife about my PE adventure. I had logged off & was ready to shut down the computer when my wife comes into the den with her robe undone & thrusts her beautiful breasts in my face with my fingers going right for her pussy. We went into the bedroom to have one of the most fantastic lovemaking sessions we ever had in over 20 years of being together. My wife is multi orgasmic but rarely makes the first move. While she was sucking & licking my steel hard erection I asked her how big did she think I was & did she notice anything different. She guessed my length was 8 inches & that my cock was so hard. I was just at 7 over a month ago when I started PE & have gained a 1/2 inch so she was pretty close. She said how hard I was & I told her that I was doing exercises to make my cock larger & harder. When I put my cock inside her I could tell I was just starting to go into uncharted territory & she was beginning to feel the added pleasure. I think going to 8 inches will drive her really crazy. Never having any children her pussy is as tight as ever. I have not told her how I exercise my penis but now she knows bigger things are yet to come.

Hypo8, that is a great post… How did she react when you told her you were going to make it bigger by exercise? Did you get the obligatory “you’re fine just how you are” or did she get real turned on and get that “can’t wait” look on her face?

What’s your girth, if I might ask?

RB it was more of the give me the nine look. Thanks for the comments. Stats & my routine on the size page. Girth is 5.5 closing on 5.75.


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