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This is hilarious


jelktoid you are correct, I do have to be very careful not to brutalise my girl’s tender bits….

The other night I was thrusting away, and she was making alot of noises which sounded like she was really enjoying the depth, so I went deeper, what do you know, more noise!

eventually she stopped me…. those noises werent from pleasure, but from pain..

I asked her why she didnt tell me and she said because she didnt want to spoil my fun

needless to say I felt like shit after that. :(

one thing to note though is that my girlfriend only cums from the tip of my tongue so far, which is much much smaller than my dick!

never forget that guys ;)


Notice the survey didn’t ask if the women involved, measured with a ruler or not. We assume they did and that their measurements are real accurate.

But, I know of one woman that would use her feet (trying to be discrete I guess) to try and measure her lover’s penis. So somehow she would try to accidentally ? get her foot near the penis, so she could get an approximation. Pretty accurate huh ?

So don’t assume that 29% of the woman involved whipped out a ruler and measured the penis. So, measurement is still in doubt.



Someone already touched on this, but I think no matter how satisfied your woman is, she’ll probably always be turned on fantasize about a bigger penis even if it would rip her up and give her no pleasure whatsoever. A lot of women subconsciously it as a sign of greater masculinity and power…it’s like the way self-confidence is an aphrodisiac but five times more.

I showed my girl a few pornos a while back in which she saw some of the huge guys, and she was engrossed. She admitted to thinking about what it would be like and it was definitely an erotic idea to her, but when it comes to sex- I often reach her end and give her pain and I’m nowhere near their size.

I really think that 7 inches out and 5+ around is the point where you reach a level of “respectable” in the eyes of most ladies. You won’t get laughed at but you will not blow them away either. The 8x6 is good because you are on the large side, you will cause all but the most large-pussied ladies some “discomfort” and you will be remembered………

Somebody had a thread about this once but I think a lot of women just like to see how you react if they say they’ve had way bigger “but you are just ok!”

The poll is a bit inconsistent. Besides, how often do you see a women who would openly measure your penis?

me, never. They might ask if it feels out of the ordinary but that’s probably it. I talked to the girls I know - my friends. They told me about their experiences. One left after the guy took off his pants, another felt it

when kissing and there was no second date. I think an average chick would get scared if she sees a huge one.

>What was the the longest erect penis you’ve ever experienced

8.5”-10” (25%)

7.5”-8” (25%)

10”+ (19%)

6.5”-7” (17%)

5”-6” (10%)

3”-4.5” (1%)

2382 total votes

According to this poll a whopping 44% had a penis that was 8.5 and better. I estimate that between 1% and 2% of the male population is 8.5 or better but lets call it an even 2% just for arguments sake; therefore in order for a woman to experience just one man that has 8.5 and better, on the average, she will have slept with about 50 men at the time she took the poll. Assuming this poll is fairly accurate representation of the female population then we can deduce from the above data that:

If you slept with 50 woman then 22 of those 50 had 50 men each.

If you slept with only 25 woman then about 11 of those had 50 men each.

If you slept with only 13 woman then about 6 of those woman had 50 men each.

How likely do you think this is based on your real life experience and/or intuition? :whatever:

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I believe MrPoll can show trends, but percentages of it are not going to be accurate. I’m of the opinion that, in general, guys of that size will tend to hit on women more often. I’ve seen a survey that showed big guys, overall in general, have sex with twice as many women. I believe it came out 3.5 women per year for average size, and 7.5 women per year for big. Even if the numbers per year sound inaccurate, it shows at least a 2 to 1 ratio which I don’t have trouble believing.

Since the survey I mentioned showing a 2-1 ratio was based on “well endowed”, it’s unclear where well endowed began.

Mrpoll is bound to be inaccurate, but I do believe the 2+ to 1 ratio should be considered. IMHO.

Many women are terrible with numbers, but are good at general ranges—-small, average, big, huge. 8.5-10 is a huge penis size and the span (8.5 -10) does give women some lead way for numerical inaccuracy.

Every meet the guy who caught a fish “THIS BIG” hands outstretched fully, read my sig for my thoughts on womens size estimates.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...


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