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This is a true story guys, nightmare...


Originally Posted by Northpole
So my question is; could you live with it?
What would you have done in this situation.

I live with it now! :)

Hmmm interesting :-k cause I think it depends on your level of confidence
with your current size.
I carry my pump around in my duffle bag just about all the time (practically never leave home without it (American Express Commercial) and I walk tall and proud.
I proudly display my face on Thunders as an avatar for the public to view. I don’t care who knows…I really don’t give a dam! A college campus would be a golden opportunity for me to announce that Im a pumper. Life is too short, these people don’t pay your rent or put food on your table and I can use my size to turn the tables on them.

>OK Supersizeit thats all fine and dandy for you but what about me and all the others that are not 8.5x6?

Use the shame, humiliation and anger as motivating force.
Now you have all the more reason to PE and reach your goals.
You can become immune to mockery about your unit if you reach your goals.

>Haaaa Super… easy for you to say pal.

Yes but you cant deny the logic of it.
8x6 is the cure.

I’ve even told dates about pumping and my size because I know that I can and will back up their expectations when we have sex for the first time. Its a bit of an ego trip and may sound a tad conceited and narcissistic but its one of the rewards of being big.

My sister, past GFs, current GF, brother, best friends and too many others to even mention ALL KNOW that I pump.
If people were associating my pump with having a small penis….
Well then I simply find those people and whip it out for them :chuckle: (btw I have done this in the past with good results)… or at the very least I whip out for the most gossipy people I can think of and then sit back and wait.
This strategy inevitably begins a new line of rumours that get more girls coming my way :) They simply begin to make a new association with my pump (Pump = Big Penis) Its rather funny how friends of your GF eventually look at you with that knowing look and then steal a quick glance at your crotch. They also seem more friendly than when you first met them. Women love to gossip about these things but will not admit to it easily. I say use gossip to your advantage when you can use it to your advantage. Heck afterwards any guys that were mocking me are now asking me where they can get a pump and are willing to pay me quite well to get one for them. Its essentially how I became a pumper in the first place…I was mocking a friend for using the dam thing and then he whipped out his unit and I was instantly sold on the idea of pumping. :) My next question to him was “uhhhh how much did you say those devices cost?”

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Hey, nice post.

----- Feb 2004 - 5.0 EG x 6.0 BPEL----- Feb 2006 - 5.6 EG x 8.0 BPEL

Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

The best place to hide a pump could be: Find yourself a stand that will hold it, open end upwards . Put some artificial flowers in it and leave it in the bathroom.

It is so blatantly obvious to see that no-one is likely to notice it.

And if they do well.

“Oh, is that what it’s for. I bought it at a car-boot sale and just thought it would make a good vase for the bathroom

Originally Posted by supersizeit
>OK Supersizeit thats all fine and dandy for you but what about me and all the others that are not 8.5x6?

Did you get that size by pumping alone? Whats you’re routine? And what size did you start at?

I have to say you are one of a kind with that attitude. The thought of talking to my sister about pumping makes me cringe~ And no one can deny you’re word, you are the only one who post his real face thats for sure. At least his face in this century.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Yea Ive heard that said, best place to hide anything is in plain open sight. Fishtanks have pumps..

Originally Posted by marauder

Yea Ive heard that said, best place to hide anything is in plain open sight. Fishtanks have pumps..

At first glance I thought, wow pure genius. But then after thinking it through a little I imagine my cylinder marked with current and goal measurements. And right next to it a bottle of slick lube, and a cock ring. Someone might see this and call PETA on you’re ass. My god, what do you think he is doing to those fish Harold!?

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

You just can’t please some people can you.

Well, the hundreds of cock rings could go in the bottom of the tube - to make sure it doesn’t fall over.

The measurements are because you thought the flowers were in fact growing

The lube? Put it in a castor oil bottle.
That will have the added advantage of explaining your frequent and long visits to the bathroom - providing of course it has a loo in it. If not you might say you had athlete’s foot and had to bathe often as it’s spreading up your legs.

Perhaps I should go into Consultancy.

You gotta laugh it off like you’re cooler than them and that they “ain’t with it”.

Yea I have no problem with the truth and when somebody tells it to me. This is life and you were pumping. Maybe it was funny to people cause the penis pump is like the only known tool to people that aren’t members here. At least a butt plug didn’t fall out or a blow up doll. Now even I would rag on someone for that. I have told my friends I do this and they laughed at first raged on me, I told them my starting stats which 7x5 then I told them that I’m gaining penis size for real and the laughter stoped and quickly turned into questions about how it works, every guy wants to be bigger thats why you see some guys here with starting sizes of porn stars 8x6 or 4x3 everyguy wants a monster. I bet some of the guys who made fun of you later in life ordered a pump and are probley members of this very forum. I say screw em man. Holly crap I ramble.


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