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This is a new one.....

This is a new one.....

Ok, I was listening to the radio and Dr. Drew was on. This guy called in asking if it is possible that his penis is shrinking. He explained that since his girlfriend broke up with him he has noticed that it seemed smaller. Dr. Drew said that it is possible because when guys are depressed or get rejected their testosterone levels drop. Now I did miss some of what they were saying, but that what I could gather. This is a new one that I haven’t heard. I don’t think the guy meant alot of shrinkage, but just a little. Dr. Drew did mention turtling, so I don’t know, what do you all think of this?

Oh and the next call was a 19 year old girl who asked “Ummm I like squirt when I have sex, and I’m like 19. Is that normal?” And the DJ on the show gave 2 thumbs up, as did I. Just thought that was funny, esp. the way she said it.

Loveline’s great, the solid medical advice of Dr. Drew coupled with Adam’s sarcastic everyman’s attitude just works. I gotta think there’s other explanations for this man thinking his penis is shrinking, though. Instead of the depression causing a lowering in testosterone, it might just make this man look at his body more negatively. I know many times I measure my largest ever and I don’t look any bigger or I’ll measure smaller but feel bigger. It’s all in your head, since the ruler doesn’t lie.

Dont worry I agree with you about Loveline. I just never heard of that one before…wonder if anyone else had. You make a good point about looking at yourself negatively. Or since the guy might be depressed, he might not get the same level of erection…which is prob. the case.


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